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UK accents. SWOOSH. Cidália Sousa Cláudia Regina Abreu Vanessa Reis Esteves. Accent. What’s this ? The way someone pronounces the words of a language , showing which country or which part of a country they come from . Source : Dictionary of Contemporary English , Longman.

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UK accents

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Uk accents

UK accents


Cidália Sousa Cláudia Regina Abreu Vanessa Reis Esteves

Uk accents



Thewaysomeonepronouncesthewordsof a language, showingwhichcountryorwhichpartof a countrythey come from.

Source: DictionaryofContemporaryEnglish, Longman

Uk accents

Regional DialectsandAccents

  • Dialect: A variety of language spoken in a particular geographical region, by a particular social class, or by a particular generation; it includes vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

  • Accent: features of pronunciation that identify the region or social class a person is from.

Uk accents



“Aye naebother.”

“It’s not a problem.”

Glasgow is famous for ship building.

Uk accents



“Ye knaa what ah mean leik”

“Do you know what I mean?

Newcastle is famous for the bridges over the river Tyne.

Geordie is also a regional nickname for a person from the larger Tynesideregion of North East England.

Uk accents



  • Howay= Come on

  • Doon = Down

  • Toon = Town

  • “Am gannindoon the toon”

  • “I’m going down town”

  • Canny = Nice

  • Lass = Girl

  • “She’s a canny lass”

  • “She’s a nice girl








Uk accents



“I’m gaggin’ for a brew.”

“I really need a cup of tea.”

Manchester is famous for its football.

Uk accents



“We ‘ad a do lassnight.”

“We had a party last night.”

Liverpool is famous for being the hometown of the Beatles.

People from Liverpool are called Liverpudlians

Uk accents



“Y’not from round hyer?”

“You are not from around here, are you?”

Rhondda is famous for its coal mining.

Uk accents


Cockney (Rhyming slang)

Butchers Hook = Look

“Have a butchers at that”

Pork Pies = Lies

“Are you telling porkies ?”

Dog & Bone = Phone

“He’s always on the dog”

London is famous for its red buses and the Big Ben.

Uk accents


  • Haveyoueverbeen to Scotland?

  • Whatelse do youknowaboutScotland?

  • What’sthe capital ofScotland?

  • Open yourbookonpage154andlet’sfind more aboutGlasgow together.

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