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City Issues ( Transportation) By: Candice, Yibo , Hansan , and Brian

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City Issues ( Transportation) By: Candice, Yibo , Hansan , and Brian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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City Issues ( Transportation) By: Candice, Yibo , Hansan , and Brian.

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The Project“The Streetcar System Concept Plan (SSCP) is a 20 to 50 year long range planning study that will identify transit corridors in the City of Portland with the highest potential for more detailed analysis in the future.The Bureau of Transportation and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, coordinating with Metro, TriMet, and other City bureaus will use this study to look at how transit infrastructure investments can work with pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use development projects to create more walkable and sustainable neighborhoods.” (StreetCar)The Goal“The goal of the SSCP is to identify an interconnected citywide system of streetcar corridors integrated with the City\'s transportation and land use network. The Portland Streetcar System Concept Plan can play a key role in shaping the City by:Reinforcing walkable and economically diverse neighborhoods and vibrant main streetsEncouraging sustainable and equitable development and infrastructureSupporting reduction of vehicle tripsSupporting greater accessibility, housing options, employment, and economic development”(StreetCar)

Harrison Geissenheimer

the joys of riding portland s street car
The joys of riding Portland’s Street Car

Odor is a huge issue to many riders of the Street Car along with the over crowding that occurs.

Portland Street Car plans to open its complete loop by the fall of 2015 however the company is still lacking nearly 50 million in funding due to the lack of profit the car has been making in the past years.

Also the Portland Street Car needs an additional 3.7 million to repair 450ft of rack on the eastside line so far only 2 million has been obtained through public funding.


Nearly 72% or Oregonians still rely on the automobile for their main source of transportation!

Who has the right of way? Incidents involving bikes and cars are among the most common accidents reported.

Some Portlanders who rely on the automobile for transportation are angry about the expansion of the Max, Light Rail, and Street Car lines.

Roger Geller

max lines
Max lines

The Max Expansion proposed by the City has an estimated budget of 25 billion. So far the city has only placed aside 2.7 billion in funding for this project.

Punctuality is not a term that should be used when referring to Portland\'s Public transportation many busses and trains often run late due to the increased amounts of maintenance needed to keep the outdated trains and busses moving

Portland City plan

max lines1
Max Lines

Many max trains and busses suffer sanitary issues Vomit and urination are among the common smells when riding the Max!

The Max also suffers severe overcrowding due to the vast amount of riders each day.


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