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MAY/MAYNOT/MIGHT/MIGHT NOT. May. Rule 1. Possibility Rule 2. Permission Rule 3. Wish. Rule 1. Possibility. It may rain today. 2. Formal Permission –Start with « may  » . Note: - May is more formal than can. . May I come in, please?. Yes, you may. To wish.

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Rule 1. Possibility

Rule 2. Permission

Rule 3. Wish

Rule 1.Possibility

It may rain today

2. Formal Permission –Start with « may »

Note: - May is more formal than can.

May I come in, please?

Yes, you may.

To wish

  • May you score good in exam.

  • May she gets a job in Paris

Note: may is always positioned after the subject.


Jenny may sleep late. She has more homework.

He may go to the market today.

They may bake a cake at home for his birthday.


‘Not’ is always placed after may , can or any such words.

‘May not’ is negation of may

  • For example

  • It may not rain today.

  • Harry may not like this ice-

  • cream

Examples of may and may not

She may come tomorrow. She may not come tomorrow.

The teacher may teach today. The teacher may not teach today.

Pierre may sing tonight. Pierre may not sing tonight.


1. He may return late tonight.

For ex: He may not return tonight.

2. My mother may give me the permission to attend your party.


3 . Julie may be very happy to see these photographs.

______________________________________ (negation)

4. We may go to the opera tonight.


5. They may call you.

_______________________________________ (negation)


Smaller possibility than May.

For example: I might become a doctor when I grow up.

Negation: Might not.

Examples of might and might not

Examples of Might and Might Not