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August 16 2010
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August 16, 2010. Back to School. December 18, 2006. 21 st Century Students. Know more about the world Think in interdisciplinary combinations Manage, interpret, and validate information (information literacy) Communicate and work in teams Utilize technology

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August 16, 2010

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August 16 2010

August 16, 2010

Back to School

August 16 2010

December 18, 2006

August 16 2010

21st Century Students

  • Know more about the world

  • Think in interdisciplinary combinations

  • Manage, interpret, and validate information (information literacy)

  • Communicate and work in teams

  • Utilize technology

  • Understand key concepts taught in depth

August 16 2010

August 2009 we launched a comprehensive district wide strategic plan--to prepare our students for the 21st Century

Strategic focus areas

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Student Achievement and Development

  • Human Assets

  • Climate for Learning

  • Financial Sustainability and Operational Excellence

  • Community Engagement

Mission statement

Mission Statement

The Waterloo Schools community commits to a comprehensive system of education and support to assure that each and every student will graduate prepared for college, career, and citizenship as evidenced by continuing education, pursuing a career path and contributing to a community.

August 16 2010


-Because children’s brains are wired differently

  • -Because we must align teaching and learning to tomorrow’s workforce needs

  • -Because we must acknowledge global economic and

    technological realities

1950s educational strategies just will not work

1950s Educational strategies just will not work

  • Passive

  • Receive Knowledge

  • Learn Alone

  • Learning


  • Replicate

  • Tracking

Engaged 21 st century classrooms

Engaged 21st Century Classrooms

-Active Learning

-Construct Knowledge

-Learn Together

-Learning to Learn

-Relevant instruction

-Different Learning Styles

Strategic focus area one

Strategic Focus Area One

Student Achievement and Development:

Delivering the comprehensive curriculum through engaging instruction with a focus on

measured results for student achievement.

Student achievement and development part one

Student Achievement and Development (part one)

  • Picture Word Inductive Model—Kerri Johnson

  • Reading Coaches—Donnie Weimer

  • Good Habits Great Readers—Haley Rezai

  • Instruction Decision Making—Tammy Ryan

  • Media Specialists—Doree Cronin

  • Guidance Counselors—Al Howard and Stephanie Chandler

I nstructional d ecision m aking

Instructional Decision Making

Intensive Assistance


Supplemental Assistance


Core Instruction


2 Week Chunks of Instruction

Horn concludes

Horn Concludes:

Customized learning will help many more students succeed in school

  • Student-centric classrooms will increase the demand for new technology

  • Computers must be disruptively deployed to every student

Horn concludes1

Horn Concludes:

  • Disruptive innovation can circumvent roadblocks that have prevented other attempts at school reform

    We can compete in the global classroom—and get ahead in the global market

A local example of disruptive innovation

A local example of disruptive innovation…

  • We are the first district in Iowa to implement


Performance based diploma academy pbda

Performance Based Diploma Academy (PBDA)

1. Online academic instruction

300 Students at East and West

200-250 at Expo

Performance based diploma academy

Performance Based Diploma Academy

  • Career technical certification

Performance based diploma academy1

Performance Based Diploma Academy

3. Counseling

Performance based diploma academy2

Performance Based Diploma Academy

4. Mentoring

Student achievement part two

Student Achievement (part two)

  • Performance Based Diploma Academy—Justin Little and Anjuli Myers

  • Promethean Boards—Darby Kurtz, Sarah Lalk, and Becky Landers

Marzano findings

Marzano findings:

When corrected for attenuation, the percentile gain associated with the use of Promethean ActivClassroom is 17 percent. A reasonable inference is that the overall effect of a 17 percentile point gain is probably not a function of random factors that are specific to the independent treatment/control studies; rather, the 17 percentile point increase represents a real change in student learning.

Marzano study

Marzano Study

The meta-analytic findings suggest relatively large percentile gains in student achievement under the following conditions:

1. A teacher is experienced.

2. A teacher has used Promethean ActivClassroom for an extended period of time.

Marzano study1

Marzano Study

3. A teacher uses Promethean ActivClassroomextensively in the classroom but not beyond 80% of the time.

4. A teacher has high confidence in his or her ability to use Promethean ActivClassroom.

Alan november

Alan November

Students as contributors the digital learning farm

Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm

  • Tutorial Designers

  • Official Scribes

  • Researchers

  • Collaboration Coordinators

  • Contributing to Society

  • Curriculum Reviewers

Strategic focus area two

Strategic Focus Area Two

Human Assets:

Staffing our organization with high performing leaders, teams, and employees.

We are empowering our instructional staff with research based teaching strategies

We are empowering our instructional staff with research-based teaching strategies

and facilitating laser-like, focused instruction.

August 16 2010

Human Assets

  • Characteristics of Effective Instruction—Barbie Bass

  • Reciprocal Teaching—Pat Chase

Strategic focus area three

Strategic Focus Area Three

Climate for Learning:

Providing a safe, caring, engaging, and inviting environment for our students, staff, parents, and community.

August 16 2010

Climate for Learning

  • Campus Safety Monitors—Roderick Jones

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports—Paul Hubbard, Rebecca Lins, and Lisa Dumler, and Marsha Watters

August 16 2010


  • Focuses on the positive rather than the negative behavior

  • Consistency

  • Used in all Waterloo Schools

  • Research Based

  • Dramatically lower discipline referrals

Strategic focus area four

Strategic Focus Area Four

Financial Sustainability and Operational Excellence:

Operating with fiscal integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

August 16 2010

Operational Excellence

  • Operations—Tim Flodeen

  • Custodians—Steve Bredow

  • Bus Drivers—Deb Morrison

  • Food Service—Jessica Bormann

Strategic focus area five

Strategic Focus Area Five

Community Engagement:

Interacting effectively with our students, staff, parents, and business communities.

August 16 2010

Community Engagement

  • Connect Ed—Anita Barr

  • Infinite Campus, Parent Portal—Sue Liddle

High school continuous improvement

High School Continuous Improvement

Career interest academy features

Career Interest Academy Features

  • 3-4 smaller learning communities

  • A college-prep curriculum

    with a career theme

    3. Partnerships with employers, the community, and higher education

August 16 2010

Originally conceived forty years ago, career academies address academic rigor,relevance of instruction, and build relationships between students and adults.

August 16 2010

Career academies have thrived because of their dual objectives of career and college preparation.

Career interest academies smaller learning communities

Career Interest Academies-Smaller Learning Communities

-Heterogeneous groups of 300 - 400 students

-Cohort of students and teachers who stay together over the course of four years

-Group core area teachers in career disciplines

-Place an emphasis relationships

rigorous, relevant, and relational

Career interest academies smaller learning communities1

Career Interest Academies-Smaller Learning Communities

-Prepares students for postsecondary education and employment

-Integrates academic and career instruction with real-world relevance

-Enhances advanced classes

Nationally jobs are divided into 16 career clusters

Nationally Jobs are divided into 16 Career Clusters

Information Technology


Agriculture, Food

Natural Resources

Arts A/V Technology Communications

Business, Management, Administration

Marketing, Sales, Services

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Architecture Construction

Health Sciences

Human Services


Transportation Distribution Logistics

Hospitality Tourism

Government Public Administration

Education Training

Law Public Service Security

August 16 2010

Arts, Communication & Business Academy

Health Academy

Human Services Academy

Engineering, Technology and Manufacturing Academy

Career interest academies get students off to a great start in high school

Career Interest Academies-get students off to a great start in High School

  • Teach employability skills in 9th grade and the career courses--reinforced in academic courses

  • Use local employer partnerships to provide program guidance, mentors and field-based experiences.

Let s review where we have been and where we are going

Let’s review where we have been and where we are going…

August 16 2010

  • 2008-2009: Aligned belief systems—Failure is not an option, individual legacy, commitment vs. compliance (submitted DINA plan)

  • 2009-2010: Launched our new strategic plan and implemented PBIS, IDM, ActivBoards, strengthened our data teams (submitted PLA plans)

  • School system vs. a “system of schools”

August 16 2010

  • School accountability

  • Replaced outdated information systems

  • Geared up for a new reading implementation

Focus of the 2010 2011 school year


2010 2011


  • Consistency of implementation of all initiatives (in the intended manner)

  • Operating like a “School System” rather than a system of schools

  • Moving from “Pockets of Excellence” to “Patterns of Excellence”

  • Moving accountability to the classroom level

August 16 2010

Student Achievement

Prof. Develop.

Field Trips

Evaluation decisions

Talking to critics

Talking to press

Advancement (evaluation)


Travel & time out of the district

Purchasing decisions

Board Meetings

Policies, Procedures and Programs

August 2010

Laser Focus

Laser Focus

Role of schools

Role of Schools

  • Support great teams: Principal, AP, Lead Teachers, Adm. Asst., Instructional Coaches, Teachers, Support Personnel, etc.

  • Celebrate and support those that are on board and working the plan

  • Provide coaching and support for those who are struggling

August 16 2010

Why have a Strategic

Plan? Our Roadmap!

August 16 2010

Whether We Play A Large OR Small Role…By Working Together We Achieve Our Objectives

Bottom line

Bottom line…

Each of you are the only ones that can make sure that our strategic plan becomes reality!

Urban children deserve the best

Urban Children Deserve the Best!

They are depending on you

They are depending on you!

Your warm smile and caring spirit makes a huge difference

Your warm smile and caring spirit makes a huge difference!

The economy is depending on you

The economy is depending on you

Our nation is depending on you

Our nation is depending on you

The world is depending on you

The World is Depending on You

August 16 2010

I have faith that each and everyone of

you will rise and meet the challenge!

Do you remember

His name is Gary Hobson. He gets tomorrow's newspaper today. He doesn't know how. He doesn't know why. All he knows is when the early edition hits his doorstep, he has twenty-four hours to set things right.

Do you remember ?

Kyle Chandler

August 16 2010

Monday, August 16, 2015

Despite urban demographics-- Waterloo Community Schools Produce Record Advances in

Student Achievement!!

Have a great year


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