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Herpetology PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Herpetology. Spring 2004. Pennsylvania's Herpetofauna (Translation: Our state’s reptiles & amphibians). Frogs & Toads16 species Salamanders22“ Turtles13“ Lizards 5“ Snakes21“. Salamanders. Salamander Life Cycle. Spermataphores. Salamander Eggs. Salamander Larvae.

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Spring 2004

Pennsylvania's Herpetofauna(Translation: Our state’s reptiles & amphibians)

  • Frogs & Toads16 species

  • Salamanders22“

  • Turtles13“

  • Lizards 5“

  • Snakes21“


Salamander Life Cycle


Salamander Eggs

Salamander Larvae

Balancers on larval ambystomid

SalamandridaeRed-spotted NewtNotopthalmus viridescens

Adult Newt

Red Eft

AMBYSTOMATIDAEJefferson SalamanderAmbystoma jeffersonianum

Jefferson Salamander

AMBYSTOMATIDAESpotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatum

AmbystomatidaeMarbled SalamanderAmbystoma opacum

AmbystomatidaeEastern Tiger SalamanderAmbystoma tigrinum

PlethodontidaeNorthern Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus fuscus

PlethodontidaeMountain Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus ochrophaeus

PlethodontidaeRed-backed SalamanderPlethodon cinereus

PlethodontidaeSlimy SalamanderPlethodon glutinosus

PlethodontidaeFour-toed SalamanderHemidactylum scutatum

PLETHODONTIDAETwo-lined SalamanderEurycea bislineata

Two-lined Salamander

PlethodontidaeSpring SalamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus

PlethodontidaeNorthern Red SalamanderPseudotriton ruber ruber

Frogs and Toads

Toad Topography

Frog Topography


Pelobatidae: SpadefootsEastern Spadefoot ToadScaphiopus hobrooki

Bufonidae: Toads

Warts: one or two in each large spot.

Three+ in each large spot.

American ToadBufo americanus

Fowler’s ToadBufo foweleri

Hylidae: Tree Frogs

Gray & Cope’s Tree FrogHyla versicolor and Hyla chrysocelis

Spring PeeperPseudacris crucifer

Hear Me!

Ranidae: True Frogs

BullfrogRana catesbeiana

Green FrogRana clamitans

Pickerel FrogRana palustris

Leopard FrogRana pipiens

Wood FrogRana sylvatica



Anatomy: Anal Plate

Pennsylvania Snakes belong to two families:

  • Colubridae

  • Viperidae

Poisonous or Venomous?


Eastern CottonmouthAgkistrodon piscivorousNot found in Pennsylvania

Northern Water SnakeNerodia sipedon

Queen SnakeRegina septemvittata


  • Turtles

  • All lay eggs on land

  • No parental care

  • In PA

    • 10 genera

    • 13 species & subspecies



Snapping TurtleChelydra serpentina

Snapping TurtleChelydra serpentina

  • long tail

  • serrate carapace (may be worn)

  • reduced, cross-shaped plastron

Stinkpot or Musk TurtleSternotherus oderatus

  • domed carapace

  • 3-4 inches in length

  • emit foul musk from upper shell border

  • slow, shallow streams & rivers

E. Mud TurtleKinosternon subrubrum

Extirpated? Removed from PA Endangered list

Spotted TurtleClemmys guttata

  • Yellow spots on dark carapace

  • marshes, bogs, wooded swamps

Wood TurtleClemmys insculpta

  • sculpted carapace

  • terrestrial

  • formerly a ‘meat turtle’

Bog TurtleClemmys muhlenbergi


Blanding’s TurtleEmydoidea blandingi

Candidate species

E. Box TurtleTerrapene carolina

Map TurtleGraptemys geographica

Painted TurtleChrysemys picta

Redbellied TurtlePseudemys rubriventris


Spiny Softshell TurtleApalone spinifera

Smooth SoftshellApalone mutica





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