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Al- Majeda Wassila Secondary Girls School. Mrs.Ghada Abu Alhommos. Lesson: Preposition. Aims. Content Aims . Affective Aims. Procedural Aims. Teachers Role. Students Role. Evaluation. 1.Students well be able to Figure out the meaning of every Prep.

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Al-Majeda Wassila Secondary

Girls School

Mrs.Ghada Abu Alhommos.

Lesson: Preposition.


Content Aims

Affective Aims

Procedural Aims

Teachers Role

Students Role


1.Students well be able to

Figure out the meaning of every


2.Students well be able to answer the

Questions carrectly.

Students should appreciate the

Variety in the meaning of the


Students should be able to apply

Their knowledge of the use of the

Preps in similar situations.

1.Present the power point.

2. Give different examples .

3.Ask several questions.

1.Work in pairs .

2.Answer the worksheet.

3.Answer the questions in the book.



Compare at, on and in:

* They arrived at 5 o’clock.

* They arrived on Friday.

* They arrived in October./

They arrived in 1968.

(we use) At

For the time of day:

at 5 o’clock.

at 11.45.

at midnight.

at lunchtime. etc.


For days and dates:

on Friday/on Fridays.

on 12March 1991.

on Christmas day.

on my birthday.


For longer periods(e g, months


In October.

In 1968.

In (the) winter.

We use at in these expressions:

At night.

At the weekend(s).

At Christmas(but on Christmas


At present.

At the same time.

Note.. that we usually ask

/what time…..? (not usually

At what time).

*what time are you going out

this evening?

We say:

In the morning(s).

*I will see you in the morning.

In the afternoon(s).

In the evening(s).

*do you work in the evenings?

But :

On Friday morning(s).

On Sunday afternoon (s).

On Monday evening(s)est.

In a few minutes/in six months etc.

= a time in the future.

*she will be here in a moment.(=a moment

From now ).

You can also say in six months time,in a

week ‘s time etc.

*they are getting married in six months.

We also use in say how long it takes to

Do something :

*I learnt to drive in four weeks.

In study these examples:

*In a room .

*In a building.

*In a box.

*In a garden .

*In a town/city.

*In a country.

*There's no one in the room/in the

Building/in the garden.

*what have you got in your hand/In your


*when we were in Italy, we spent

a few days in Venice.( not at Venice’).

*I have a friend who lives in a

small Village in the mountains.

*look at those people swimming in The

pool/in the sea/in the river.

At study these examples:

  • At the bus stop.

  • At the door.

  • At the window.

At the top(of the page)

At the bottom(of the page)

At the end of the street.

*who is the man standing at the bus

Stop/at the door/at the window?

*Turn left at the traffic lights/at the church

/At the roundabout.

*Write your name at the top/at the bottom

Of the page.

*Angela’s house is the white one at the end

Of the street.

*When you leave the hotel, please leave

Your Key at reception.

On study these examples :

*I sat on the floor/on the ground/on

the grass/on a chair/on the beach.

*There's a dirty mark on the well/on

the ceiling/on your nose/

on your shirt.

*Have you seen the notice board/

on the door ?

*you’ll find details of TV


on page seven(of the newspaper).

Compare in and at:

*There were a lot of people in the

stop. It was very crowded.

But … Go along this road, then turn

left at the shop.(sb giving directions).

Compare at and on:

*There is somebody at the door. Shall

I go and see who it is ?

but.. There is a notice on the door. It

says ‘Do not disturb’.

Compare in and on:

*There is some water in the bottle.

but.. There a label on the bottle.

Work Sheet….

Complete each sentence with prep

From the box:

In at on

1.We were interested to see the products

………your catalogue.

2.Our new office will open…….june14th.

3.I sometimes start training ……. Six in the

Morning before lessons.