Rapid identification of yeasts
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Rapid Identification of Yeasts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rapid Identification of Yeasts. Rapid Identification. Two Alternative Approaches. Aim and Methodology. Topics to be covered. Saccharomyces species-specific. 2011. Discovery of S. eubayanus*. S. eubayanus species-specific primers have been developed (228bp).

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Rapid Identification of Yeasts

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Rapid Identification of Yeasts

Rapid Identification

Two Alternative Approaches

Aim and Methodology

Topics to be covered

Saccharomyces species-specific


Discovery of S. eubayanus*

S.eubayanus species-specific primers have been developed (228bp)

S. eubayanus with hybrid strains

Multiplex False Positives


Genus-specific primers

A. Use alignments (as for species-specific)

B. Look for regions within Saccharomyces ORFS that are missing in outgroups

Sec24p structure

C. Use genes absent in non-Saccharomyces speciesYeast Gene Order Browser (YGOB)



Zygosaccharomyces species

Species-specific Colony PCR

Z. siamensis

Zygosaccharomyces Genus-specific Primers

Zygosaccharomyces Genus-specific Primers

Conclusions for Zygosaccharomyces

Level of detection in liquid cultures

Limitations of the Method

Overall Advantages



Identification by Molecular Methods

Hybrid detection in S. pastorianus

Hybrid detection in S. pastorianus

Hybrid detection in S. pastorianus

Hybrid detection in S. pastorianus

Current Saccharomyces species

Tests against a diverse global collectionS. paradoxus specific primers

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