Jacksonian democracy trashball review
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Jacksonian Democracy– Trashball Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jacksonian Democracy– Trashball Review. Certain letters of SOAPSTone are given… figure out what is described. Audience – European countries Purpose – Tell European countries that the Americas were closed to recolonization Tone - warning. Monroe Doctrine.

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Jacksonian Democracy– Trashball Review

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Jacksonian Democracy– Trashball Review

Certain letters of SOAPSTone are given… figure out what is described

  • Audience – European countries

  • Purpose – Tell European countries that the Americas were closed to recolonization

  • Tone - warning

Monroe Doctrine

Washington’s policy regarding foreign affairs that President Monroe was trying to follow.


  • He was known as the “Great Compromiser”

  • Not a big fan of Andrew Jackson

Henry Clay

It’s purpose was to keep an balance between the number of free and slave states in the US

Missouri Compromise

Under the Missouri Compromise…

  • Which state entered the Union as free and which as a slave state?

  • Maine – free

  • Missouri - slave

Number associated with the Missouri Compromise

  • Slavery was not allowed north of this line…

36 30 north parallel

Why did the Federalist party die out?

Didn’t support fighting War of 1812 against British- so wasn’t as popular

One and only political party after the War of 1812

Democratic – Republican party

democratic republican party

What caused the Democratic-Republican party to split?

Corrupt Bargaining between JQA and Henry Clay – angered Jackson, Jackson decided to break off, b/c he didn’t want to be associated with JQA

  • He was orphaned at a young age

  • Lived on the frontier

  • War Hero from War of 1812 with Battle of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson

Type of person who voted for Jackson

The common man/farmers

Belief promoted by Jackson that common man could run the government

Jacksonian Democracy

Reasons why some people disliked Jackson

  • Thought he was too powerful and ruled like king

  • Use spoils system

  • Killed the 2nd Bank’s charter by using veto power

What did AJ do to the 2nd Bank’s charter when it was up for renewal?


Why did Jackson not like the 2nd Bank of the US?

Felt it favored the wealthy and not the common man

What did AJ do with the money in the Federal Bank in order to drain it?

Put all the money in state banks

What nickname was given to the state banks that AJ put the federal banks money into?

Pet bank

Another word for a tariff


What did protective tariffs force Americans to do?

Buy goods from America

Which region in the US liked the tariffs? AND WHY?

North, b/c

  • They manufactured a lot of goods

Why did the South oppose tariffs?

  • Mainly farmers who grew crops and needed to export crops to foreign countries and buy manufactured goods

Which southern state threatened to secede from the Union over the issue of tariffs?

South Carolina

John C Calhoun and other southern states felt that if a law violated a state’s rights a state had the right to reject the law.WHAT IS THIS CALLED?


  • Nullify or nullification – reject the law

  • White missionary living with Cherokee, without a permit required by Georgia law

  • He was taken to court and sentenced to 4 year.

  • He appealed his case to the Supreme Court.

  • Court ruled in his favor


In the case of Worcester v. GA, the court ruled that the Cherokee nation was their own sovereign nation and therefore didn’t have to follow…

Georgia/US law

Purpose of this act was to move Indians in the southeastern part of US to present day Oklahoma

Indian Removal Act

What geographical feature were Indians relocated west of?

Mississippi River

2 reason why the whites wanted Native lands in GA?

  • Gold was discovered on lands

  • Land wanted to farm cotton

  • Jackson president during this event

  • Indians forced from their homes

  • Forced to make a thousand mile journey in harsh weather

  • Thousands of Natives died along the way

Trail of Tears

Political Party Van Buren supported


What did Van Buren create that killed off the National Bank completely

US treasury

What can the following events best by classified as during Van Buren’s presidency?

  • Price of cotton collapsed

  • Price of land collapsed

  • Price of slaves collapsed

Economic problems

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