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What is ecosystem
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What is Ecosystem?. Text 1.1: Pages 8-14. Agenda. Case Study & Big Idea – Cootes Paradise Four Corners – Is this an Ecosystem? Introduction to Ecology What is an Ecosystem? Stewardship and Sustainability Biodiversity Components of an Ecosystem Biomes & Biosphere

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What is Ecosystem?

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What is ecosystem

What is Ecosystem?

Text 1.1: Pages 8-14



  • Case Study & Big Idea – Cootes Paradise

  • Four Corners – Is this an Ecosystem?

  • Introduction to Ecology

    • What is an Ecosystem?

    • Stewardship and Sustainability

    • Biodiversity

    • Components of an Ecosystem

    • Biomes & Biosphere

  • Ecosystem Field Study

Success criteria

Success Criteria

  • By the end of this class I can

    • Compare and contrast abiotic and abiotic factors

    • Identify factors within an ecosystem that make it sustainable or unsustainable

Case study unit big idea

Case Study & Unit Big Idea

  • Case Study Instructions

    • Read the article on “Cootes Paradise” p.g. 4-5

    • Have each person take a role:

      • What – is the issue?

      • Where – location, geography, details

      • When – events leading up issue

      • How – is the issue being solved?

Big Idea – How can we balance our need for resources and protect the environment?

What is ecosystem





What is an ecosystem

What is an Ecosystem?

  • A community of living organisms (plants, animals, & microbes) in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment (air, water, mineral, soil) interacting as a system.

  • Nutrient Cycles

  • Carbon Cycle

  • Nitrogen Cycle

  • Water Cycle

  • Energy Flows

  • Photosynthesis

  • Cellular Respiration

What is an ecosystem1

What is an Ecosystem?

  • Interaction between living and non-living factors

    • Abiotic = non-living

    • Biotic = living

  • Activity – Biotic vs. Abiotic

What is sustainability

What is Sustainability?

  • How would you explain the word sustainability?

What is sustainability1

What is Sustainability?

  • A sustainable environment has populations that can interact and reproduce indefinitely

    • Includes plants, animals and any other living things

  • It also means biodiversity is maintained

    • The number of different types of organisms in an area

What is stewardship

What is Stewardship?

  • A way of acting that takes into account personal responsibility for the management and care of something

    • Environmental stewardship is acting in a way that benefits the planet

    • This type of attitude is very common in First Nations communities

The environment

The Environment??

  • All the living and non-living things on earth and the interactions between them

  • The environment can be thought of as a system of components

    • Some interactions are positive: Bee pollinating a flower

    • Some are negative: Bee stinging you and dying

When self sustaining goes wrong

When Self-Sustaining goes Wrong…

Representing earth s biodiversity

Representing Earth’s Biodiversity

  • In groups of 3-4 complete the quick lab on p.g. 6 ‘Representing Earth’s Biodiversity’

What is a species

What is a Species?

  • A species is a group if similar organisms in an ecosystem which can reproduce and whose offspring can reproduce

    • i.e. grey squirrel species ≠ red squirrel species

    • Sciuruscarolinensis ≠ Sciurus vulgaris



  • Population: a group of individuals of the same species within a specific area

  • Habitat: the specific location a population lives in

  • Community: is made up of populations of different species that live and interact in an area or habitat

  • Species Niche: is the total of all the interactions of a given species within its ecosystem

Ecology unit

Ecology Unit

  • Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with one another and the environment itself

Ecosystems combine to form biomes

Ecosystems Combine to Form Biomes

  • Biome = a large geographical area that contains similar ecosystems.

Biomes combine to make the biosphere

Biomes Combine to Make the Biosphere

  • Biosphere – is the part of the planet, including water, land, and air, where life exists.

Biomes combine to make the biosphere1

Biomes Combine to Make the Biosphere

Ecosystem field study

Ecosystem Field Study

  • Complete an ecosystem field study in groups of 3-4 using the ecology tools provided by the teacher.

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