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Blitzkrieg. By: Ledonte. What’s the role in WWII?. Blitzkrieg - It’s a military tactic that the Germans used based on speed, surprise, and the use of overwhelming force on a narrow front.

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By: Ledonte

what s the role in wwii
What’s the role in WWII?
  • Blitzkrieg- It’s a military tactic that the Germans used based on speed, surprise, and the use of overwhelming force on a narrow front.
  • German for lightning war, the term blitzkrieg usually refers to Germany\'s offensives at the beginning of World War II .
how did it i mpact wwii
How did it impact WWII?
  • Well using this tactic demolished everything according to the site In 1939 Blitzkrieg defeated the Polish army, in 1940 defeated the French army, 1941 it defeated the Yugoslav and Greek armies, and in 1941 it defeated the huge Russian army.
  • So basically by using this tactic you would probably win the war you were in.
what did history think of this event
What did history think of this event?
  • People thought that this tactic was well used and it would definitely work and 9 times out of 10 you would win.
  • Here are some comments kept in a French man’s diary about the blitzkrieg tactic….
  • "When the dive-bombers come down, they (the French) stood it for two hours and then ran with their hands over their ears."
  • "Sedan fell as a result of a bombardment……….it was a superb example of military surprise."
  • "The pace is too fast……it’s the co-operation between the dive-bombers and the tanks that is winning the war for Germany."
  • "News that the Germans are in Amiens………this is like some ridiculous nightmare.
  • This all came from the source
  • So this is a positive thing from the Germans side because this tactic was useable for them and it was a great way to win the war you were in.
  • It was negative for the other side whoever used that tactic against you because like is said in one of the quotes you would get taken by surprise and not know what to do then you would lose everything you had.
has the history been fair and accurate
Has the history been fair and accurate?
  • From the information that I have read the history has been pretty fair and accurate because it looks like this tactic would destroy everything and if that’s what you were going for then you were good.