nff ma6 nanoimprint upgrade
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NFF MA6 Nanoimprint Upgrade

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NFF MA6 Nanoimprint Upgrade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System. NFF MA6 Nanoimprint Upgrade. Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System. Outline. Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) Upgrade Parts. Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System. Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL).

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Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

  • Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL)
  • Upgrade Parts
nanoimprint lithography nil

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL)
  • Versatile, cost effective, flexible and high throughput (parallel) method for fabrication of down to 10 nm structures even over large areas (wafers)

Applications in:

•Semiconductormemory•Micro and nanofluidics •Optical devicese.g. LEDs and lasers •Life science, e.g. lab-on-a-chip systems, bio sensors•Radiofrequency components•Renewable energy•Security (holography, tags, etc.)•Nanotechnology



A stamp is fabricated by electron beamlithography

(EBL) and dry etching



The stamp is pressed into a soft thermoplastic,

thermosetting or UV-curable polymer on

a substrate combined with heating or UV radiation

The polymer is cured and the stamp release

from substrate

Residual imprint polymer under stamp protrusion

removed by‘descum’process

Imprinted pattern transferred into substrate by

dry etching

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Nanoimprint process

upgrade parts include stamp stamp holder substrate holder stamping control

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Upgrade Parts Include


Stamp Holder

Substrate Holder

Stamping control


Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System


Bare Quartz Plate Patterned Stamp


Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System


Stamp Plate Dimension

Stamp Pattern

Anti- sticking Layer

Stamp Handling

stamp plate dimension

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Stamp Plate Dimension

Square Quartz Plate

65mm x 65mm x 6.35 mm


A Square Shape Mesa ~ 25

um height at the center

Probably 3 E-beam Alignment

marks will be set nearly at the

corners (will further discuss)

stamp pattern

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Stamp Pattern

All pattern should be inside the Mesa area

Standard Mesa size in NFF: 10 mm square

Mesa can change to another size but it will take longer time to fabricate, more chance to jammed with the substrate and extra charge for new mesa mask

Large patterned area also cause flatness problem of stamp

To avoid drawing at boundary or a large enclosed pattern, especially near at the edges of Mesa. Because it will block the excess imprint resist flow


Unit cell




Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

  • Beware of the imprint resist thickness to the depth of stamp pattern

(Vtofill) of resist needed to fill completely this structure. For our design, Vtofill = Hm{LS + (L + S)S},

where Hm is the mould’s depth, L the dot’s size and

S the spacing between each dot.

Now the available volume of resist for this unit cell is Vresist = Hi (L + S)2,

where Hi is the initial resist layer thickness.

S Landis et al

Nanotechnology 17 (2006) 2701–2709

anti sticking layer

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Anti-sticking Layer
  • The Mesa is covered by an Anti-sticking layer
  • Anti-sticking layer is a very thin Fluorocarbon layer
  • Anti-sticking layer (>10 nm) for easy stamp release from a thin imprint resist
  • Don’t scratch the Anti-sticking layer
  • If Anti-sticking layer gets damage, it will cause jammed stamp during stamp releasing step or imprint resist stick onto the stamp surface
stamp handling

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Stamp handling
  • Cleaning the stamp by Acetone, IPA, thinner and DI water ONLY. (No oxygen plasma, EKC or MS2001)
  • Before put the stamp back into the packing box, please make sure the box is dust free
  • Mesa side always face downward inside the packing box and don’t make it face upward even in normal case
  • Seal the packing box by adhesive tape if it will not be used for a period of time
  • Don’t touch the Mesa surface with anything else.
  • Of course, don’t drop it

Workshop for NFF Nanoimprint System

Thank you for your attention!