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MUONS!. How muons are created Detecting methods Muon half life and decay rate Muon decay data Problems with the data and muons. What are we going to talk about?.

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what are we going to talk about

How muons are created

  • Detecting methods
  • Muon half life and decay rate
  • Muon decay data
  • Problems with the data and muons
What are we going to talk about?
how muons are created

Protons from the cosmic rays interact with the atoms in the upper atmosphere and create a shower of particles which decay further to produce muons.

How muons are created.
detecting methods

Muon Enters

A flash is emitted

Decays into an electron

The scintillator detects the electron and emits a flash

Detecting methods
muon half life and decay rate

dN-Change in muons N(t)-Number of muons at given time.

λ-Decay rate dt-change in time

== hence t=

t=0 => No= Our = 0.388

N(t)=No Meaning that half life= 2.6

Muon Half Life and Decay Rate.
problems with the data

Systematic errors:

  • The PMT cable was faulty which fluctuated the results giving inaccurate results as it affected the rate of decay.
  • Affecting flux rate.

“11’o’clock drop”

Problems with the data
how many muons pass through you everyday

When the person is standing up:

  • 0.155*(6719073/24)*16=515129 (±0.5)
  • When the person is lying down: 0.885*(6719073/24)*8=1982127 (±0.5)



Shoulder: 0.115m2

Standing: 0.885m2



How many muons pass through you everyday?
how many interact with you

Muons decayed in detector

Muons passed through your body

Total muons through detector

= 3946

How many interact with you
problems with muons

They have a half life of 2.2µ yet they can still travel 660m.

  • This is due to time dilation, as muons travel 98% the speed of light.
  • Therefore, time slows down.
Problems with muons