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Google your docs
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Google Your Docs. Rachel Shankles AR Alpha Epsilon. Go to and sign in or sign up. We will talk about using: Google Spreadsheets Google Forms For our chapter needs. Spreadsheets to Collect Info. To collect accurate phone numbers and addresses of members

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Google Your Docs

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Google your docs

Google Your Docs

Rachel Shankles

AR Alpha Epsilon

Go to http www google com and sign in or sign up

Go to sign in or sign up

  • We will talk about using:

  • Google Spreadsheets

  • Google Forms

  • For our chapter needs

Spreadsheets to collect info

Spreadsheets to Collect Info

  • To collect accurate phone numbers and addresses of members

  • To be able to print the membership info or share it on the web when filled out

  • Set up a computer at a meeting, make a shareable google spreadsheet

  • Have each person fill in the blanks as she enters

  • Saves automatically every few seconds

  • Share the info via a link back to them and they have right to change it at any time

Spreadsheet sample

Spreadsheet Sample


  • Go to your browser on your phone or ipad and go to this url

  • Try to enter your last name, first then state then chapter—anywhere between 2 and 89

  • Every can’t hit 2nd box at once

My list of google docs

My list of Google Docs

To make a form go to your google drive

To make a form go to your google drive

  • Go to ‘more’ in the menu/ to Drive if you have Chrome

  • Go to ‘documents’ in the menu

  • Select the red box ‘Create’ from the page

  • Click on ‘Form’ from the list of types of documents (Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, or Table)

  • Select a background

  • Set privacy and share options(share with anyone with the link is always a wise choice or list the google acct. names of persons to share it with). You are owner and they don’t need rights to edit a form or survey but would a spreadsheet or collaborative doc.

  • Decide if you want the first question to be ‘What is your name?’ or if you want the answers anonymous.

  • Start using the pull down menus to select what types of questions

Small edit icons show up when you hover your mouse over the top right area

Small edit icons show up when you hover your mouse over the top right area




Google your docs

Text type answer


Question titleWhat is your last name?

Answer box is small for one or two words

Paragraph text type questions

Paragraph Text Type Questions


What is your address?

This type of box allows for a two or three sentence answer.

Mutliple choice type questions

Mutliple Choice type questions

  • Example:

  • What shape is a chromozone?

  • Help Text=put a dot by one answer

  • Round

  • Square

  • Oval

Checkboxes for answers

Checkboxes for answers

  • Example: Why do you check out library books?

  • Help text- you may check as many as apply

  • Pleasure reading

  • Book reports

  • Photo browsing

  • research

Pick from a list

Pick from a list

  • Do you agree with this statement: All pit bull dogs are dangerous.

  • Choose from the pull down menu list one answer.

  • Totally

  • Somewhat

  • Not at all



Rate your satisfaction with the cafeteria food.

Help text: 1 is highest --5 is lowest; choose only one answer


Great food every day

Great food most of the time.

Average food all the time.

Average food half the time.

Terrible food most of the time.

Google your docs




  • Copy the url link on the form and email that to those you want to take the survey or fill out the form

  • You can make it shorter by using but save the shortened link somewhere

  • Under ‘Form’ put checkmark by ‘accepting responses’ til your deadline then uncheck it

  • Next time you open it you will see the spreadsheet view of respondents’ answers and if you need the live form again that is in the ‘Form’ menu and select ‘go to live form’

Using the results

Using the Results

  • Under ‘Form’ you can go to ‘summary of responses’ after your deadline and you have charts and graphs showing percentages on those that were scales and grids or multiple choice questions

Rachel shankles

Rachel Shankles

  • My business card has my wiki address and that is where you can print out this slide show or teach with it


  • Email


  • Arkansas Alpha Epsilon

  • Former AR Pres, SCReg Sec, SC Reg Ex in Ed Chair

  • Retired Library Media Specialist after 42 years

  • Works as tech consultant to schools and educational coops

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