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Smart Environment The Internet of Things PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart Environment The Internet of Things. Oana Dragomir , Adam Giemza 25-08-2014. ... not even a real car :-). Smart Environment. So what is a Smart Environment?.

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Smart Environment The Internet of Things

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Smart environment the internet of things

Smart EnvironmentThe Internet of Things

OanaDragomir, Adam Giemza


Smart environment the internet of things

... not even a real car:-)

Smart Environment

So what is a smart environment

So what is a Smart Environment?

  • Cook and Das define Smart Environments as“a small world where different kinds of smart device are continuously working to make inhabitants' lives more comfortable.”

  • Related to Ubiquitous Computing”… a physical world that is richly and invisibly interwoven with sensors, actuators, displays, and computational elements, embedded seamlessly in the everyday objects of our lives, and connected through a continuous network.” (Mark Weiser et. al)

Fraunhofer inhaus1 in duisburg

Fraunhofer inHaus1 in Duisburg

Fraunhofer inhaus2 in duisburg as well

Fraunhofer inHaus2 (in Duisburg aswell)

Smart environment and smart devices

Smart Environment and Smart Devices

  • Small devicesthat

    • areconnectedtootherdevices via networkprotocols

    • operateautonomously

    • interactwith

      • physicalworld (e.g., via sensors)

      • humans

      • eachother

Smart devices and internet of things

Smart devices and Internet of Things

The Internet of Things(IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.

Hype cycles 2014

Hype Cycles 2014

Gartner, August 2014

Scenario the smart printer environment

Scenario: The Smart Printer Environment

  • Requirementfor an adequateenvironmentfor Digital colourprintersfromtheimagePRESSfamily

  • Challenge tobuild a smart systemformonitoring environmental conditions, such as

    • temperature

    • humidity

    • lighting

  • Basedon themonitoreddatasystemcanadaptthelightingconditionsorsignalthecurrentsituationin theroom



  • The team will use embedded devices as the Raspberry Pi connected to environmental sensors to capture environmental data.

  • The embedded devices will communicate with each other using specific IoT protocols, e.g. MQTT.

  • A controlling instance will process the data and react accordingly to specified rules (possibly configurable through a web interface).

  • Philips Hue light bulbs will be used to provide awareness of environmental conditions in the printer room or to adapt lightning conditions inside the room.

Possible result



Smart environment the internet of things

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