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Registration for cna
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Certified nursing assistantwhat is a certified nursing assistantwhat does a cna do1. What is CNA2.Requirements for Registration3.Test Preparation4.Test Preparation5.Applying for CNA Examination6.Applying for CNA Examination7.Applying for CNA Examination A CNA is a certificate for nurses to professionally help patients in curing and recovering under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN).

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Registration for cna

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Registration for cna

Registration for CNA

Table of content


What is CNA………………………………………..3

Requirements for Registration………………4

Test Preparation……………………………….….5

Test Preparation……………………………….….5

Applying for CNA Examination…………..…7

Applying for CNA Examination……………..8

Applying for CNA Examination………….….9

What is cna

What is CNA

A CNA is a certificate for nurses to professionally help patients in curing and recovering under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN).

Their responsibility is to look out for their patient and help them out in their curing and recovering and update the concerning doctor or registered nurse (RN).

Requirements for registration

Requirements for Registration

To get registered as a CNA the only thing you need to have is high school equivalence or any diploma in nursing or medical assistance, you should be 18 years old and it also requires having a valid state ID or SSN.

To register for CNA and pass the certification exam student must firstly register for CNA training program.

Test preparation

Test Preparation

To prepare for the examination you firstly need a high school diploma and a medical health certificate.

Next you would need to practically prove that you understand the physical activities held in a functioning lab. For example how to diagnose, analyze and monitor a patient.

Test preparation1

Test Preparation

After the training process is completed it is required to register for CNA and take the examination to receive potential credential.

As every states differs the requirement, some of the states also allow those who have completed their training to work till their exam.

Applying for cna examination

Applying for CNA Examination

  • When you apply for the examination for CNA, you should review the following questions that might be asked in the application form:

  • Have you ever surrendered your CNA license?

  • Have you ever had any disciplinary action against your CNA certificate or license?

  • Have you ever been convicted of any crime under the Federal laws of the US state?

Applying for cna examination1

Applying for CNA Examination

  • Have you ever been convicted of any crime that took place in any health care centre?

  • Is your medical condition stable?

  • Do you use any kind of chemical substance like alcohol?

  • Have you ever been engaged in the illegal use of controlled substances?

Applying for cna examination2

Applying for CNA Examination

After that you take the exam which is divided into two main parts: writing and practical part. Vote is that the practical part is mainly the core and difficult part than the writing one.

The results are announced on the same day. The students who pass are allowed to start their work as a CNA immediately and for those who fail; states have frequent rescheduling of the exams.

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