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Research animals
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Research Animals. April 9, 2013 Class discussion led by Snowshoe Hare. Weekly Routine. Best/Worst Practicing empathic listening (pg. 81) Quiz!. Transfer of Power. Today’s Symbols: Red string Manacles Shell of Pilgrimage. Red String.

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Research Animals

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Research animals

Research Animals

April 9, 2013

Class discussion led by

Snowshoe Hare

Weekly routine

Weekly Routine

  • Best/Worst

    • Practicing empathic listening (pg. 81)

  • Quiz!

Transfer of power

Transfer of Power

  • Today’s Symbols:

  • Red string

  • Manacles

  • Shell of Pilgrimage

Red string

Red String

“The red string carries the stone hand raised in the expression of ahimsa, the ultimate sign of nonviolence in Janism and Hinduism, and the hole in the hand is in the shape of the heart, the symbol of Love in the West. This necklace was brought back from India to us by PryaShaniar. Added to that on the red string now is their silver symbol of Om, the ultimate ONENESS.”



“The manacles represent the "mind-forged manacles" described by William Blake in his poem "London." In this class they represent the unexamined ideologies and beliefs that keep us in unconscious slavery. In this regard, our goal is represented on the Tower: “YeShall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free””

Shell of pilgrimage

Shell of Pilgrimage

“Brought to us by Ben Glick who walked the last hundred kilometers of The Way to Santiago de Compostella in Spain to bring this back to us, symbolizing our pilgrimages to the Truth That Will Set Us Free”

Goals for today s class

Goals for Today’s Class

  • [2A2c] To experience more directly the ethical dilemmas presented by speciesism, especially cruelty to animals.

  • [2A2d] To become aware of real-life ethical choices made daily by all of us involving cruelty to animals.

  • [2A2f] To practice replacing fear and greed with love, compassion, tolerance, and the sympathetic imagination.

Selected readings stories for discussion

Selected Readings/Storiesfor Discussion

  • White Tiger’s personal struggle

  • Bear

    pg. 580 “But, Can they suffer?”

  • Snowshoe Hare

    pg. 399 SpeciesismDefinitions

  • Mountain Lion

    “Animal Holocaust”

    April 8- Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Dolphin’s imagining of Lebron as one of the animals

Earthlings clip

Earthlings Clip

As painful as it may be, practice using your sympathetic imagination while watching this short clip of the documentary we have already watched in class.

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