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Go Global Project Briefing Date: 14th Dec 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go Global Project Briefing Date: 14th Dec 2009. The Project – Go Global Project. Target Group: Companies that want to expand their business to US market. No of Participants: 10 companies per 6 months. (Total 20 for 12 months). Location Silicon Valley USA. TEAM PROFILE.

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GoGlobal Project


Date: 14th Dec 2009

The Project – GoGlobal Project

Target Group:

Companies that want to expand their business to US market.

No of Participants:

10 companies

per 6 months.

(Total 20 for 12 months)


Silicon Valley USA


TeAM was formed by a group of Malaysian Technopreneurs in 2001 to further the interests of Technopreneurs and to assist in the development of the Digital and Biotech Economy in Malaysia with the following key initiatives and objectives:

• Act as a Think Tank and provide an organized and unified voice to advance the interests and well-being of local Technopreneurs;

• Aid the professional development of members and the industry in general;

• Further Community Education and bridge the Digital Divide;

• Provide the means for addressing issues affecting Technopreneurs and to initiate, watch over, petition and take whatever action as may seem desirable in relation to legislative or other measures affecting Technopreneurs and the Digital and Biotech Economies;

• Establish a liaison and co-operate with government departments, educational and other appropriate institutions or bodies, both national and otherwise, concerned with or interested in the development of Technopreneurs;

• Hold conferences and meetings for the delivery of lectures and papers, and the acquisition and dissemination by other means of information connected with Technopreneurship and

• Afford opportunities for social contact amongst members and other parties interested in the Digital and Biotech Economies.


  • Since its inception, TeAM has carried out many activities starting with the release of its first white paper called “Fostering a Sustainable Environment for Technopreneurship in Malaysia” which encapsulates the major concerns faced by Technopreneurs in Malaysia.

  • Other major activities include:

  • Participating in discussions with Government Ministries and Agencies towards improving the technology ecosystem in Malaysia.

  • Invited to be on special working committees (Jawatankuasa Khas) to formulate policies that impact on the technology industry and economy (e.g. Ministry of Finance, PMO, MoSTI, EPU, Bursa Malaysia and Securities Commission).

  • Organizing networking sessions for members to exchange ideas and business prospects, in furthering the business interests of members.

  • Organizing events, forums and conferences to educate and enhance the knowledge of members and the Technopreneur community at large.

  • Council members are co-opted members of the Evaluation and Approval committees for Cradle Fund and MDeC Grant schemes.

  • Currently TeAM has a total of 350 members.

TeAM Committee:

President: Ms. Koh Lee Ching

Deputy President: Dato Dr. Rajen M

Hon. Secretary: Mr. Premesh Chandran

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Daniel Cerventus


Go Global Ir.Aziz Ismail

Government Relation Ashran Dato’ Ghazi


Note: CVs of Exco Members are separately attached

About NEF:

Association for Bumiputera Technopreneurs in Malaysia.


Open Innovation

BCI2 Fund

Pre Seed

Globalizing Bumiputera Entrepreneurs

Go Global



  • Area of Focus:

  • Technopreneur Development

  • Market Access

  • Funding

  • Creativity and Innovation

NEF Committee:

President: Ashran Dato Ghazi

VP1 Ritakamal

VP2 Ir.Aziz Ismail

Hon. Treasurer: Lilyana Abdul Latif

Secretary Md Hamdi Mohd Mokhtar

Deputy Secretary Mohd Rashdan Ramlee


Farid Mohamed

Izham Ismail

Abdul Razak Ahmad

Roni Shah Mustapha

Omar Shariff Mydeen

Go Global:

Ir.Aziz Ismail

About NEF:

Association for Bumiputera Technopreneurs in Malaysia.

Free Training:

E-Commerce/SEO/Social Network


Software as A service

Free Software:

HR, Payroll


On-line Payment

FREE Bumiputera Portal

Product and Services



Goglobal objectives

To be a Collaboration platform of Malaysian ICT companies Going Globalmarket.

Collaboration to provide easier and cheaper market access to Malaysian Technopreneurs.

To proactively create programs that are able to help members to go to the US market.

To proactively collaborate and use the various government incentives for marketing overseas.

To prepare & assist 20 homegrown technology companies to enter the US Market

GoGlobal Objectives:

  • GoGlobal STRATEGIES:

  • Harness the Power of Community Partnerships to enable individual members to leverage on and utilise shared services to overcome current weaknesses that affect market entry and/or ability to capture significant market share.

  • Focus on best ROI and Efficiency by driving initiatives that will benefit collective groups of companies with one time investment instead of one company at a time.

  • Ensure Accountable and Measurable Commitments to programs undertaken in order for continuous improvements to be made and to enable the impact to be felt and measured across the ICT and Biotech services industry.

Action Plan

Training Program

Upgrading and Modernisation

Shared Go Global Ecology

Export Potential

Local & Startup

With Export Potential

The Go Global Training:

  • Enable Malaysian ICT and Biotech services companies’ to become more “export ready”.

  • ‘Go Global’ business coaching that is intended to benefit selected participants.

  • Assist ICT and Biotech services companies’ overcome weaknesses like non-innovative business practices, ‘me-too’ business models, weak strategies, unknown marketing & branding and poor utilisation of IP by providing pragmatic, focused and industry-relevant business training programs that will provide these companies with enhanced capabilities to become more competitive both in local and foreign markets alike.

Our Training will overcome:

Challenges in Developing Competitive Malaysian Technology Services Companies in the Local and Global Market:

Technology Services Companies in Malaysia generally spend most of their budgets on hardware, software and development tools in order to stay ahead of competition. However their lack of success in Malaysia can largely be attributed to the absence of ‘soft’ skills to formulate and implement competitivebusiness strategies, business models, marketing, branding, customer relationships & services, public relations, market research, IP strategies etc.

Training is therefore needed to change this mindset.

GoGlobal Project

Creating marketable and export-ready and oriented Malaysian technology services companies offering Biotech, ICT and SAAS (software as a service) model services for the global market.

GoGlobal project is to promote, assist and encourage Technology services companies to implement and increase their business competitiveness in the soft areas of business such as marketing, customer relationship & services, IP and public relations without requiring these companies to fork out large or significant investment costs up-front because such services are offered via a shared services model and by shared used of physical space for business and industry activities.


More Business Visibility

  • Shared Physical Facility:

  • Office Space

  • Press Conference Venue

  • Seminars & Training

  • Industry Activities Center

  • Meeting Place

  • Networking Place

  • Shared Services:

  • - Shared Professional Services

  • Administration

  • Facilities

  • Marketing

  • Publicist & Public Relations

  • Design

  • Legal

  • - Software and Hardware

More Industry Activities & Networking


Improve Product & Biz Presentation

Go Global




Improved Soft Operations

More Hands-On Guidance & Assistance


  • Challenges in Developing Export Oriented Malaysian Technology Services Companies for the Global Market:

  • There is no industry business model that provides a systematic process to help Technology Services companies to “go global”. Government agencies provide some financial incentives and linkages but for the most part, the company is on its own.

  • Malaysian Technology Services companies that venture abroad face extreme competition and in view of limited budgets and time/resources constraints do not have proper access to channels that can help them to open doors.

  • These Companies are also very often unprepared to export or have a foreign presence especially in relation to operational readiness, marketing strategies or adequate protection of their IP prior to venturing abroad resulting in poor performance and reception to their services and products.

  • In short, these companies have not implemented any measures to modernize or upgrade their businesses or their products and services, not just in terms of hardware and software but also in terms of capabilities, competencies and systematic processes, in order to compete effectively in the global arena.


The Go Global Ecology is a systematic methodology and solution that involves 2 strategic phases to export Malaysian Technology Services in targeted countries abroad in a group-based format. This community based methodology aims to circumvent and reduce the low rate of success often witnessed when individual companies attempt to “go-it-alone” in a foreign market. The essence of the Ecology is to send a group of companies that are export-ready to a selected foreign all at the same time so as to leverage on joint resources and reduce the financial outlay of each individual company.


Phase 1

Phase 2

In USA – 6 months

In USA – 6 months












The first phase involves the identification, grooming and readiness preparation of the group of companies selected to participate in the program. This will be implemented via “Bootcamp-style” comprehensive coaching activities that will identify key operational, strategy, marketing and IP gaps of each company and creating customised solutions to plug those gaps prior to departure to the foreign location.



  • The second phase involves physical relocation of the selected companies as a group in the foreign location, i.e. this includes setting up temporary office facilities in the foreign market under the banner of “Malaysia House”. This format will not only allow each individual company to lend support, learning and experience and share resources with each other, but collectively it allows these companies to build market access as a group.

  • This initiative is further supported by a KPI System that helps GoGlobal Team and each individual company track their experience and performance for the duration of their location in the foreign jurisdiction and these experiences will be documented, analyzed and shared with local Tech Services Companies and TeAM members preparing for the export market.

    • Both phases therefore have been created to provide a sustainable, effective,lower cost and measurable ecosystem of exporting Malaysian Technology Services which thus far is non-existent.


New Batch of Malaysian Companies

Pool of





Market Experience, Networks & Know-How

GoGlobal – Silicon Valley Shared Services

Admin Services

US Landlord

MDEC Support

Marketing Services


US Services Company

Market Research

Marketing Materials

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Matrade Grants

Go Global Member

Go Global Member


  • Primary target are mature Malaysian companies that have demonstrated good domestic growth and high potential for market penetration and capture in foreign market for their services and products.


Hazani , Chris Chan

Dr Siva, Suhaimi, Rani,

MDEC - Roslan

Matrade - Mohamad

Advisory Committee

Evaluation Committee

Go Global Lead - Ir.Aziz

MDEC - Izam Nawi, Jamie

NEF - Ashran

TeAM - Koh Lee Ching

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member

Go Global Member


  • Upgrade and Plug business and operational gaps before physical relocation through concise coaching and planning programs focused on export.

Business Model and Strategies

Marketing & Branding

Strategic IP for Growth

  • Business and Corporate Strategy

    • The Value Proposition

    • The Business Model

    • Metric for Strategy and Business Model

    • Any competitive advantage in Strategy and Business Model

    • Challenges faced or expected in implementation of Strategy And Business Model

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning Readiness

  • Customer Targeting

  • Marketing Plan

  • Tactical Activities for Market Engagement

  • Metric for Marketing and Branding

  • Challenges faced or expected in implementation of Marketing and Branding plans.

  • IP Readiness and Strategy

  • IP Value Identification in the business and to Competitors

  • IP Expertise – internal and external

  • Competitive Landscape – from the perspective of IP

  • Commercialisation Strategy and Plans

  • Challenges faced or expected in implementation of “go-global” plans.


  • Working with export country business networking groups, MATRADE & MIDA offices worldwide to perform strategic market placement for ‘Go Global’ ready companies


  • Each company will be tracked by TeAM’s Go Global KPI System

  • Shared Area of the System will also be accessible to future batches of companies to expedite their market penetration and capture in the targeted countries

GoGlobal – Homework

What is your Unique Value Proposition ?

Join Training

Who are your competitors ?

Improve Internal Operation

Who are your potential Agent/Reseller?

Use e-commerce

Who will go to US Office?

Use SEO/Social Network

How to you handle marketing fund requirements ?

Use On-line payment

Use SaaS