Aen vi 450 475
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Aen.VI.450-475. Inter  quas Phoenissa recens  a  volnere Dido Among whom Phoenician Dido fresh from her wounding errabat silva  in magna; quam  Troius heros Was wandering in the large forest; whom the Trojan hero ut primum iuxta stetit adgnovitque  per  umbras

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Aen vi 450 475


Aen vi 450 475

Inter quasPhoenissarecens a volnereDido

Among whom Phoenician Dido fresh from her wounding

errabatsilva in magna; quam Troiusheros

Was wandering in the large forest; whom the Trojan hero

utprimumiuxtastetitadgnovitque per umbras

As he first stood near her and recognized her dim(ly) through the shades

obscuram, qualem primo qui surgeremense

as one who at the first of the month

autvidet, autvidisseputat per nubilalunam,

either sees or thinks he has seen the moon rise through the clouds,

Aen vi 450 475

455demisitlacrimas, dulciqueadfatus amore est:

He released tears, and spoke with sweet love:

“Infelix Dido, verusmihinuntius ergo

“Unlucky Dido, therefore a true message to me had come

veneratexstinctam, ferroqueextremasecutam?

that you had been destroyed, and had pursued the ultimate things by the sword?

Aen vi 450 475

Funerisheutibicausafui? Per sideraiuro,

Was I, alas the cause of death for you? By the stars I swear,

per superos, et si qua fides tellure sub imaest,

by (the gods) above, and if any trustworthiness is below the deep earth,

460 invitus, regina, tuo de litorecessi.

unwillingly, queen, I withdrew from your shore.

Sed me iussadeum, quae nunc has ire per umbras,

But the commands of the gods, which now compels me to go through these shades,

per locasenta situ coguntnoctemqueprofundam,

Through the places rough with neglect and the deep night,

Aen vi 450 475

imperiisegeresuis; neccrederequivi

They drove me with their orders; and I was not able to believe that

hunctantumtibi me discessuferredolorem.

I was bringing this so great grief to you by (my) departure.

465Siste gradum, tequeaspectu ne subtrahenostro.

Stop/stay your step, and do not withdraw yourself from our gaze/sight.

Quemfugis?Extremumfato,quodteadloquor,hoc est.”

Whom are you fleeing? This is the last (word) by fate which I address to you.”

Aen vi 450 475

Talibus Aeneas ardentem et torvatuentem

With such words Aeneas was (trying to) soothing (her) burning mind and

lenibatdictisanimum, lacrimasqueciebat.

(her) looking with a piercing stare, and he was stirring us tears.

Illa solo fixosoculosaversatenebat,

That one having turned away was holding her eyes fixed on the ground,

470 necmagisinceptovultumsermonemovetur,

and she is not moved in (respect to) her expression more by the conversation begun,

quam sidurasilexaut stet Marpesiacautes.

than if hard flint or Marpesian rock stood (there).

Aen vi 450 475

tandem corripuitsese, atqueinimicarefugit

Finally she took herself off, and, hostile, fled back

in nemusumbriferum, coniunxubipristinusilli

Into the shade-bearing grove, where her former husband Sychaeus


Replies to that one in cares and matches his love (to hers).

475 Nec minus Aeneas, casuconcussusiniquo,

Nonetheless Aeneas, struck by her harsh/unjust misfortune/downfall,

prosequiturlacrimislonge, et miseratureuntem.

Follows/pursues (her) with tears from afar, and pities her going (i.e. as she goes).

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