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Instructors. Lisa Smith, RN, MSN/ED, CNE - Course CoordinatorLecture ? Cardiac, Hemovascular, Hypertension Clinicals at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center Susan Wise, RNC, PhD, CNE Lecture ? Neuro, Sensory, Endocrine, Immune Clinicals at St. Lucie Medical CenterClinicals ? Cathy P

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1. Welcome Advanced Adult Nursing NUR 2242

2. Instructors Lisa Smith, RN, MSN/ED, CNE - Course Coordinator Lecture – Cardiac, Hemovascular, Hypertension Clinicals at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center Susan Wise, RNC, PhD, CNE Lecture – Neuro, Sensory, Endocrine, Immune Clinicals at St. Lucie Medical Center Clinicals – Cathy Paton, RN, MSN - Martin Memorial Medical Center

3. Fall II This course is very intense. There are no short cuts. Read the book Read the book Read the book Read the book

4. Classroom Etiquette Please arrive on time – remember parking may be crowded Food and drinks are not allowed in classroom, except covered water bottles When others are testing please be as quiet as possible Everyone treats everyone with respect Cell phones are to be turned off.

5. Classroom Etiquette Please do not walk in and out of classroom. It is very distracting to others. Remember that dress code applies while on campus. Professional demeanor. Conduct yourself as a professional in a work situation. Please have respect for speakers. When you talk among yourselves while someone is speaking, you are stealing education from others around you.

6. Rounding of Grades Calculated grades will NOT be rounded to the next whole number. Minimum satisfactory grade for all nursing courses in the ADN and BSN programs is a 76.0

7. Course Calendar Course Syllabus Clinical Days – See calendar. To get the most out of the experience use the Clinical Objectives Clinical Orientations - See calendar Examination Dates – See calendar Other Due Dates – Case Studies

8. Examinations Unit exams are multiple choice in NCLEX format, 50 questions in length The Final is half endo-immune/half comprehensive (includes Cardiac/ Hemo/Neuro/IV therapy) Final is 100 questions – 2 hours Please turn in 4 scantrons

9. Examinations Students must adhere to the concept of confidentiality regarding nursing tests/exams. Information about the nature of or items on any exam may not be shared with other individuals. Failure to maintain confidentiality will result in dismissal from the program.

10. Thou Shalt Not Cheat

11. Grades Figuring Your Grade. It’s Easy! Cardiac ___X .25 = ___ Hemo /HTN ___X .25 = ___ Neuro /Sensory ___X .25 = ___ Final ___X .25 = ___

12. Calculation Test Consists of conversions, calculating dosages and IV drip rates. Minimum passing score is 90% Students not achieving 90% will need to study and retest successfully before attending Clinicals. Sample math quiz on our web sites

13. Rhythm Strips 2 rhythm strips each Clinical day, for a total of 10 strips Turned in to Clinical instructor

14. Case Studies A total of 4 case studies are required Turned into your clinical instructor 2 cardiac and 2 neuro/endo/immune 3-5 typed pages in APA format Download and print grading rubric from Mrs. Smith’s web page. Turn in rubric with paper. Expected to be very thorough and detailed. May add up to 3 points to final grade IF FINAL GRADE IS AT LEAST 76 BEFORE EXTRA POINTS.

15. Computer Lab V-125 – Must have photo ID Go through to HS room in back Many nursing web sites Use CD that came with textbook

16. Nursing Lab Check for open labs, but calling for appointment (7551) is necessary if specific instruction is needed or prescribed. Lab instructors -- Ms. Franko, Ms. McKenzie

17. Hardest Course You’ve Taken

18. You’ll often feel like this

19. And sometimes feel like this

20. But before you get to this point …

21. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

22. Keep your eye on the prize!

23. Any Questions? Let’s have a great semester!

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