11 19 12 west africa
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11/19/12 West Africa. Objective: Describe the impact of the spread of Islam and list 4 locations where the religion spread other than the Middle East Do Now: List 4 locations where Islam spread between 600-1400 CE Middle East Conflict? West Africa Mali in the News.

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11 19 12 west africa
11/19/12 West Africa

Objective: Describe the impact of the spread of Islam and list 4 locations where the religion spread other than the Middle East

  • Do Now: List 4 locations where Islam spread between 600-1400 CE

  • Middle East Conflict?

  • West Africa

  • Mali in the News


Spain- Cordoba

India- Turks/Delhi Sultanate

West Africa

Late abbasid eras
Late Abbasid Eras

  • Abbasid empire weakened, 9th-13th centuries

    • Extravagance

    • Shi’a revolts and assignation attempts

    • Succession not secure- led to civil war

    • Decline in position of women

      • Harems, veil, upper class forces to stay in home, slaves were more educated- polygamy -

    • Nomadic attacks

      • Buyaids then Seljuk Turks took Baghdad

        • Turks purged Shia and added strength to defend against Egypt and Byzantines

Interactive map spread of islam
Interactive Map Spread of Islam

  • http://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/hss/SSA_SHARED_MEDIA_1/history/MHL/WW/interactiveMaps/Expansion_of_Islam/Expansion_of_Islam.htm

Achievements in the sciences
Achievements in the Sciences

  • Math

    • Built on Greek work

  • Chemistry

    • Experimentation

    • Specific weights

  • Map making

  • Paper making, silk, ceramic pottery

    • Captured Chinese who knew how to make paper)

Did Arab conquerors reach a “natural” limit (I) to expansion due to geography?

- Taurus mountains/Hindu Kush/Pyrenees

Spain- Cordoba expansion due to geography?

12 th century school of astronomy and chemistry at cordoba spain
12 expansion due to geography?th Century school of astronomy and chemistry at Cordoba(Spain)

Early tolerance for Christians, and Hebrews expansion due to geography?

Lots of interaction and learning

Many Christians adopted culture but not Islam

Tension rose with Crusades and Reconquista

Christian crusades
Christian Crusades expansion due to geography?

  • 1099 Jerusalem is taken (Muslims face political divisions and are taken by surprise)

    • Jews and Muslims are massacred

  • Saladin- unites Muslims and retakes lands

    • Last of 8 crusades 1291

Impact christian crusades
Impact Christian Crusades expansion due to geography?

  • Muslim World- little impact

  • Europe- hard to say because of interactions with Muslim Spain

    • Weapons damascene swords

    • Techniques for building fortifications

    • Physicians

    • Recovery of Greek learning

    • Arabic numerals (Indian numerals)

    • Rugs/cloth

    • Foods- dates, coffee, yogurt

The spread of islam 10th 16th centuries
The Spread of Islam, expansion due to geography?10th-16th Centuries

Anatolia/Turkey expansion due to geography?

Anatolia expansion due to geography?

  • Turks invaded Anatolia the same time as India

  • Sufi missionaries- replaced Christian institutions

  • Large conversions 90% by 1500

    • Smaller population- but large Turkish settlement

    • Destruction of Byzantine society

    • Social benefits to conversion

India- Turks/Delhi Sultanate expansion due to geography?

Political divisions and the first muslim invasions
Political Divisions and the First Muslim Invasions expansion due to geography?

  • First as traders, 8th century

Patterns of conversion
Patterns of Conversion expansion due to geography?

  • Converts especially among Buddhists, lower castes, untouchables

    • Also, conversion to escape taxes

  • Muslims fleeing Mongols, 13th, 14th centuries

  • High-caste Hindus remain apart

    • Muslims also often fail to integrate

The coming of islam to south asia india
The Coming of Islam to South Asia (India) expansion due to geography?

  • By 1200, Muslims rule much of north, central

  • Conflict between two different systems

    • Hindu religion v. Muslim monotheism

    • Muslim egalitarianism v. Indian caste system

Early islam in india
Early Islam in India expansion due to geography?

Indian influences on islamic civilization
Indian Influences on Islamic Civilization expansion due to geography?

  • Science, math, medicine, music, astronomy---ZERO!!!!!

    • India influences Arab world!!!!

Stand off the muslim presence in india at the end of the sultanate period
Stand-off: The Muslim Presence in India at the End of the Sultanate Period

  • Brahmins v. ulama (Scholars)

    • Separate communities

West Africa Sultanate Period

Trans sahara trade click for video
Trans-Sahara Sultanate PeriodTrade (click for video)

  • Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were powerful trading kingdoms ruled by monarchs

    • Drew upon trade wealth, slaves

    • Like East Africa: cosmopolitan, urban, visitors, Islam

Peaceful – not conquest- traders Sultanate Period

Mostly Urban

Provided leaders with legitimacy

Timbuktu – 150 schools/ libraries

Arabic becomes the language of trade

No Sharia or Islamic law!!!

West africa mali
West Africa Mali Sultanate Period