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Grammar. in a nutshell. # 6. Would like & Would love. I would like to see a movie . I would love to see a movie . What’s the difference ? Would like = zou graag willen Would love = zou HEEL graag willen...

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in a nutshell


Wouldlike & Wouldlove

I wouldliketo see a movie.

I wouldloveto see a movie.

What’s the difference?

Wouldlike= zou graag willen

Wouldlove= zou HEEL graag willen...

Behindwouldlikeorwouldlove, you put the word ‘to’ and the infinitive (hele werkwoord).

Youcanalsowrite: ’dforwould.

I’dlike to see a movie.

I’dlove to see a movie.

How do youchoose?

Well, it’s more orlessyourowninterpretation...


We canuse the imperative to giveanorder.

Takethatchewing gum out of yourmouth.

Stand up straight.

Giveme the details.

We canuse the imperative to giveinstructions.

Open yourbook.


Takea left and then a right.

There are a few otherusesfor the imperative,

but these are the onesyouneed to know right now.

Don’t want someone

to do something?

 Put don’t in front |of yourverb!



Put the words in the correct order!

1. her / shut / up

2. up / lock / it

3. that / maintain / tone

4. confrontation / keep / avoid / eye-contact / and

5. table / go / the / stand / to / up / and / coffee

6. your / pocket / go / your / to / right

7. act / just / natural

8. trigger / pull / the

9. fire / hold / your

10. lose / don't / him

Watch and check youranswers...



Next up:

Present Simple

To talk about things that are happeningin the present!

Present Simple

  • Whensomething is generallytrue.For example:The skyisn’t green. Water boils at 100°C.

  • 2.More orless permanent situations.

    For example:Sheworks in a bank.


  • Habitsorthings we do often.For example:I play tennis everyTuesday.

    Howoften do youstudyEnglish?

4. Youalsouse the present simple to talk about the future...For example: Class starts at 9 o’ clock.

Our train leaves at eleven.

Present Simple

I like

You like






They like

Don’t forget the ‘shit’-rule!

She He IT + s!

If you see a name, remember: is it a man? Woman? Thing???

Then it’s a he, she or it…

So: Paul = he, Mary = she

‘to have’ ‘to be’

I have





We have

You have

They have


You are (you’re)

Heis (he’s)

Sheis (she’s)

Itis (it’s)

Weare (we’re)

You are (you’re)

They are (they’re)

Check out pages 19 and 20 of yourtextbook!

Present Continuous

To talk about things that are happening in the present!

Things that are going on at the moment.

Present Continuous

Youmostlysay: I amdoing... She is doing...

To make the present continuousyou have

to use a form of ‘to be’:am/is/are + verb+ -ing

  • I amteaching

  • Youare listening

  • He is playing

Youcanmake the forms of ‘to be’ shorterbyusinganapostrophe:



He’s/ She’s / It’sYou’re

For spelling rules check p. 118 TB!


Watch the nexttwo clips and answer the questions.

Who does what?





(T) Sweep the floor at 7 a.m(T) Read a book(T) Paint(T) Play the guitar(R) Wake up at 7:15 am(R) Brush her teeth(R) Have breakfast(T) Knit(T) Bake a pie(T) Solve a puzzle(T) Play chess(R) Feed her pet(R) Open the store(T) Makecandles(T) Brush her hair

Who does what?!

T  Rapunzel

R  Linda

( ) Sweep the floor at 7 a.m( ) Read a book( ) Paint( ) Play the guitar( ) Wake up at 7:15 am( ) Brush her teeth( ) Have breakfast( ) Knit( ) Bake a pie( ) Solve a puzzle( ) Play chess( ) Feed her pet( ) Open the store( ) Makecandles( ) Brush her hair

Rewrite the sentences!

Use the present simpleand present continuousto makenewsentences!

PS: Shebrushes her teeth.

PC: She is brushing her teeth.

  • Sweepthe floor at 7 a.m

  • Read a book

  • Paint

  • Play the guitar

  • Wake up at 7:15 am

  • Brushher teeth

  • Have breakfast

  • Knit

  • Bakea pie

  • Solvea puzzle

  • Play chess

  • Feedher pet

  • Open the store

  • Makecandles

  • Brushher hair


in a nutshell


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