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Christina Abildgaard Director Division for Strategic Priorities Staur Gjestegård, Norway PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Perspectives on The Environmental Impact of Agriculture and Energy Use as seen from The Research Council of Norway. Christina Abildgaard Director Division for Strategic Priorities Staur Gjestegård, Norway August, 16th 2004. A growing world….

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Christina Abildgaard Director Division for Strategic Priorities Staur Gjestegård, Norway

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Presentation Transcript

New Perspectives on The Environmental Impact of Agriculture and Energy Useas seen fromThe Research Council of Norway

Christina AbildgaardDirector

Division for Strategic Priorities

Staur Gjestegård, Norway

August, 16th 2004

A growing world…

World population 2004: 6.314 mill. – 842 mill. are chronically hungry

Science – a decisive role to play in developing sustainable food and energy production

The urgency of international cooperation…

  • Sustainable development – a cornerstone of research policies

    • Cooperation on agriculture and energy issues must be pursued in an international perspective

  • International agreements set agenda

    • WTO, Kyoto-agreement, EUs directives, …..

  • Bilateral: USA – Norway

    • Agreement on research and technology (in neg.)

    • DOE – OED: Memorandum of understanding on energy research

The urgency of international cooperation…

  • The Research Council of Norway will support efforts to create a new research agenda

  • Participation in international fora:

    • EU framework programme, ERA-net

    • OECD

    • IEA – e.g. IEA-bioenery

    • CGIAR

    • IGFA

    • NORIA

The Research Council of Norway is a strategic governmental agency

Advise the government on research policy issues

Finance and stimulate public and private R&D

Create arenas for cooperation and knowledge distribution

New strategy of RCN

Main objectives:

  • Focus on quality

  • Innovation

  • Dialogue between science and society

  • International cooperation

  • Take care of the best and brightest

EU except Norden

North America


Other countries

Eastern Europe

International cooperation

Articles by Norwegian researchers in cooperation with researchers from other countries

  • USA important Builds on long traditions

  • EU increasingly important

    High success rate in FP 6

  • Bilateral agreements Europe, Asia, North America…




Norwegian PhD-students abroad

International cooperation

  • USA important Builds on long traditions

  • EU increasingly important

    High success rate in FP 6

  • Bilateral agreements Europe, Asia, North America…


Great Britain



How ?

  • Build on existing strengths and priorities

  • Based on a common search for scientific excellence

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Basic research also stimulates applied R&D cooperation and industrial innovation

  • Technological opportunities

  • Business relevance

  • Networks of cooperation

Basic science

Information and communication technologies

Marin science

Medicine and health

Interface environment/energy

Biotechnology, Materials, Petroleum

New instruments

Focus areas of R&D in Norway

  • Centre of Excellence

  • Young Investigator Awards (YIA)

  • RCN Large Programmes

    • Functional genomic research (FUGE)

    • Nanotechnology and materials (NANOMAT)

    • Increased recovery and efficient exploration (PETROMAX)

    • Clean energy technology of the future (RENERGI)

    • Value creation in the ICT sector (VERDIKT)

    • Aquaculture (HAVBRUK)

    • Climate change and impacts in Norway (NORKLIMA)

13 Norwegian Centres of Excellence

Theoretical linguistics

Quality of Service in Communication Systems

Ships and ocean structures

Molecular biology and neuroscience

Biology of memory

Mathematics for applications

Climate Research

Study of civil wars

Physics of geological processes

Centre and periphery in medieval Europe


petroleum research


Aquaculture protein

NORKLIMA – Climate change and its impact in Norway

Budget approx. 100 mill. NOK 2004

Objectives and priorities

  • Provide the necessary new knowledge related to

    • The climate system, changes in theclimate in the past, present and future

    • Direct and indirect effects of climate change on nature and society

    • The adaptation of policies and measures

RENERGI – Clean energy systems for the future

Budget approx. 160 mill. NOK 2004

Main objectives

  • To develop knowledge and solutions as a basis for

    • Environment-friendly efficient management of the country’s energy resources

    • Security of supplies

    • Internationally competitive energy sector

Clean energy system for the future

Priority research areas

  • Renewable energy production

  • Natural gas and gas power with CO2 management

  • Hydrogen

  • Energy systems

  • Energy markets

  • Energy consumption efficiency

  • Energy policy and international agreements

Functional genomics in Norway

Budget of 180 mill. NOK 2004

Main objectives and priorities:

  • Stay abreast of inter-national development and become attractive partners for international cooperation

  • Basic science, medicine, marine research

  • Industrial development

  • Ethics and society (ELSA)

FUGE: Technology platforms

  • Bio-banks

  • Bioinformatics

  • Micro arrays

  • Model organisms

  • Molecular imaging

  • Proteomics

  • SNP technology

  • Structural analysis

  • Fish genomes

  • Bovine genome

From 2004: Participation in the International Bovine Genomic Sequencing Programme

Other financial instruments

  • R&D programmes, scholarships, EU FP6 – different instruments

  • International bilateral cooperation – Seed money

  • The new strategy for scientific and technological cooperation with North America – to be launched autumn 2004

Norway takes the innovation challenge seriously

The Norwegian government launched an action plan for innovation autumn 2003

Norway – an energy nation – platform for further innovation

solar cell panel

Uncertainty and complexity – what next?

  • Research needs in agriculture and energy related areas are becoming increasingly complex

  • Provide innovative solutions: cooperation between industry and universities/institutes

  • Exchanges between Minnesota and Norway is a very good initiative

  • Common thinking is necessary to survey the uncertainty and formulate relevant goals

  • We also need to explore several ways of networking – include the best

Good luck with this conference – and future cooperation!

Thank you!

Hydrogen research in Norway

  • International setting

    • National competition

  • The national research strategy based on The National Committee on Hydrogen

    • Environmentally sound production of Hydrogen from Natural Gas

    • Pilot users

    • Hydrogen storage

    • New business

Hydrogen R&D 2004 – financed by The Research Council

- Totally: 33,7 MNOK

5 %

23 %

42 %

17 %

13 %

International Focus on Hydrogen

  • High focus internationally on Hydrogen research, development and demonstration

  • The countries that set the tone are Japan, the USA and the EU

  • Several international initiatives:EU: High Level Group/Technology Platform/IPHE, through IEA, bilaterally etc.

  • Close cooperation between the governments, the industry and academia

  • The reasoning for the initiatives is

    • Environment: climate change, and to some extent local pollution

    • Security of energy supply

Advanced catalyst/reactor systems for conversion of hydrocarbons to hydrogen for fuel cells

Biohydrogen. Photobiological Production of H2

Decentralized Production of Hydrogen from Hydrocarbons

Technology development for integrated SOFC, biomass gassification and high temperature gas cleaning

Hydrogen Production by Steam Gasification of Biomass

Electrocatalysts for PEM-water electrolysis

SINTEF Applied Chemistry




Norwegian University of Science and Technology



Ongoing projects (2004)

Production of hydrogen

Ongoing projects (2004)

Participating partners - selection

Research institutions:

  • NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

  • IFE: Intitute for Energy Technology

  • SINTEF: The Foundation for Scientific and

    Industrial Research at the NTNU

  • University of Oslo, Centre for Materials Science

    and Nanotechnology

  • CMR: Christian Michelsen Research

Ongoing projects (2004)

Participating partners - selection

Industry in the field of hydrogen:

  • Hydro

  • Statkraft

  • Statoil

  • Hexagon

  • Shell Technology

  • Prototech

  • Aker / Kvaerner

Funding received from the ministries (2004)


The Research Fund

Ministry of Education and Research

Miscellaneous ministries

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Petroleum and energy

Ministry of Fisheries

Total NOK 4 616 million (administration incl.)

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