Academic requirements for duxbury high school student athletes
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Academic Requirements for Duxbury High School Student-Athletes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Requirements for Duxbury High School Student-Athletes. Athletics = Privilege. Participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege. Students wishing to participate must be held to a higher set of rules.

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Athletics privilege
Athletics = Privilege Student-Athletes

  • Participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege. Students wishing to participate must be held to a higher set of rules.

  • Higher academic standards are just one of the rules that student-athletes must comply with in order to eligible to participate.

Academic eligibility
Academic Eligibility Student-Athletes

  • Duxbury High School students’ schedules are 7 credits per marking period.

  • In order to participate in athletics a student must receive a passing grade for 6 credits of classes per marking period.

Marking periods
Marking Periods Student-Athletes

  • Academic eligibility is based off of marking periods.

  • There are 4 marking periods per school year.

  • A student becomes eligible or ineligible to participate on the advertised day that report cards are published for the entire student body.

  • A student’s eligibility for the fall season is based off of the final marking period grades of the previous academic year.

Incomplete grades
Incomplete Grades Student-Athletes

  • An incomplete grade is counted as a failing grade until the guidance department changes the incomplete grade to a passing grade.

  • A student may continue to practice, put not participate in interscholastic contests, for a team while in the process of changing an incomplete grade.

Massachusetts interscholastic athletic association miaa
Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) Student-Athletes

  • The MIAA is the ruling body of high school athletics throughout Massachusetts.

  • The MIAA provides a state wide minimum for athletic eligibility.

  • Each member school may choose to enforce stricter regulations for academic eligibility as well as other rules.

  • Member schools throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have varied academic eligibility rules.

  • Duxbury High School chooses a stricter policy on academic eligibility for its student-athletes.

9 th grade eligibility
9 Student-Athletesth Grade Eligibility

  • Students entering the 9th grade are given a ‘clean start’ in regards to athletic academic eligibility.

  • 9th graders first athletic eligibility review begins the day they receive their report card for the first marking period

Academics 1 priority
Academics #1 Priority Student-Athletes

  • Academics are the first priority of all students at Duxbury High School.

  • Students will always be excused from practices in order to receive extra help from their teachers.

  • Never hesitate to ask questions.

Read your handbook
READ YOUR HANDBOOK! Student-Athletes

  • Academics are just one of the plethora of rules specifically for student-athletes.

  • Students and parents must make sure that they have read and understood the student-athlete handbook.

  • The student-athletic handbook is always available online on the main district web page: