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Ban Puppy Mills

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1. Stacy Seelinger Ban Puppy Mills

2. Overview What is a puppy mill? Conditions of Puppy Mills Consequences of Puppy Mills Current Regulations Case Studies Stake Holders Call to Action References

3. What is a puppy mill? Large-scale dog breeding facilities Irresponsibly breeds puppies for profit Substandard breeding conditions Leads to chronic health problems, behavioral issues, and genetic defects Sell to… Pet stores Brokers Families Directly Internet

4. Yearly Death Tolls 500,000 puppies born into mills each year 250,000 of those puppies die Why?

5. Conditions of Puppy Mills Housing conditions Wire Cages Muddy Runs Exposure to elements Transportation conditions Often lack Food Water Ventilation Shelter Case Studies Oklahoma Missouri

6. Consequences of Puppy Mills Physical neglect and injury Nutritional Lack personal attention Lack adequate nutrition Medical Lack veterinary attention Lack vaccinations Shipping Handling

7. Consequences of Puppy Mills Common disorders in mill puppies Deafness  Epilepsy  Cataracts  Eye lesions  Retinal degeneration  Glaucoma  Hip dysplasia  Retardation  Personality disorders   Dislocated kneecaps  Periodontal disease  Mammary tumors 

8. Consequences of Puppy Mills Mental damage Under socialized Potentially violent Cage crazy

9. Consequences of Puppy Mills Genetic damage Hip dysplasia Epilepsy Dislocated kneecaps Many, many more

10. Current Regulations Animal Welfare Act Bare minimums of the following: Housing Transportation Handling Nutrition Licensed by USDA Loophole Inspections 70 inspectors… 8,300 locations 118 locations per inspector Puppy Lemon Laws 20 states

11. Meet Daisy… Age 3 years old Conditions Untreated mange Ruptured eye Open wounds

12. Meet Lulu… Age 2 years old Profile Brood bitch Conditions Severely inbred Hind leg eaten by another animal

13. Meet Draco… Age 4 years old Conditions Malnutrition Untreated thyroid conditions Skin infections

14. Pet Overpopulation and Puppy Mills 500,000 puppies come out of mills annually Estimated 1-2 million stray dogs euthanized annually 25%-50% of these animals could be from mills

15. Stake Holders: Mill Owners I am not hurting anybody FALSE Dog reproduction is natural, I shouldn’t have to be licensed and have vets involved. FALSE Dog breeding is a profit based business, not a family. FALSE “To so many puppy mill owners it become a production and they sacrifice the welfare of their animals” Steve Smith- Southern Iowa veterinarian and clinic owner

16. Stake Holders: Pet Shop Owners We are just giving people what they want FALSE We have to make money somehow MAYBE, BUT…

17. Stake Holders: Consumers What they see… A cute puppy in the window A chance to rescue a mill puppy Convenience What they don’t see… Emotional, Physical, and Genetic Damage An unstable, injured animal The dark market they helped support

18. Recap Puppy mills need to be shut down because they cause: Genetic damage to the puppies and breeding stock Physical damage to the puppies and breeding stock If the animal is violent, to your family also Emotional damage to the puppies and breeding stock If the animal dies, to your family also

19. What you can do Do not support pet stores Adopt from shelters Recognize responsible breeders Visit where your puppy was bred and born Be cautious of internet breeders Remember… no USDA regulations! Lobby for better laws

20. References“ Smith, Steve. Telephone interview. 2 April 2008. http://thekodyfoundation/org

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