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Cascade Server: The Road Ahead…. …But First Let’s Review. 4 Themes for the Cascade 5 series in 2008: User Experience enhancements Enterprise Deployment features Popular Issues Distinct Feature vs. Patch Releases . User Experience Enhancements. Quick Links for Fast Access (5.1)

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But first let s review
…But First Let’s Review

4 Themes for the Cascade 5 series in 2008:

  • User Experience enhancements

  • Enterprise Deployment features

  • Popular Issues

  • Distinct Feature vs. Patch Releases

Bradley Wagner

User experience enhancements
User Experience Enhancements

  • Quick Links for Fast Access (5.1)

  • Drag and Drop Folder Re-Ordering (5.2)

  • Drag and Drop Publish Queue Re-Ordering (5.2)

Bradley Wagner

Enterprise deployment features
Enterprise Deployment Features

  • Database Publishing (5.0)

  • Load Balancing Support with Tomcat/Hibernate (5.0)

  • Content Types for Pages (5.5)

Bradley Wagner

Popular issues
Popular Issues

  • Content Drafting “Save as Draft” (5.0) – 16 votes

  • Editable Roles (5.5) – 12 votes

  • 30+ voted on features, improvements, bug-fixes included up to 5.7

Bradley Wagner

Release strategy feature vs patch releases
Release Strategy:Feature vs. Patch Releases


  • To release new functionality in scheduled quarterly releases and provide timely patch releases in the interim.

    By the Numbers

  • 5 Features Releases – Since Last September (5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.5, 5.7)

  • 10 Patch Releases – Averaging 2-3 between major releases

Bradley Wagner

Cascade server 5 series adoption
Cascade Server 5 Series Adoption

  • About 66% of our 150+ customers are using Cascade 5 series in production

  • Test licenses available on request. Get yours today!

Bradley Wagner

Want to learn more
Want to learn more?

  • Database Publishing

    • Syl Turner, Software Engineer, Tomorrow 8:15-9:00am

  • Exploring Cascade 5

    • Kevin Works, Services Director, Tomorrow 10:30-11:00am

  • Cascade Server Knowledge Base

    • Morgan Griffith, Marketing Directory, Today 2:30-3:00pm

  • Ask Hannon Hillians!

Bradley Wagner

User experience enhancements1
User Experience Enhancements

  • AJAX Left Hand Navigation

  • Type Ahead Search with Relevancy Sorting

  • Scrolling “New” Menu – 10 votes

Bradley Wagner

Content types indexes
Content Types Indexes

  • Great for pulling only the content you need from folders across your website – “Most Recent…”

Bradley Wagner

Link anchors
Link Anchors

  • Anchor insertion/editing – 21 votes

  • Supports Clicking Links with Anchors

Bradley Wagner

Wysiwyg upgrade

  • Full-Screen Edit Mode

  • Full Safari 3 support

  • TinyMCE 3 provides fixes for lots of bugs Cascade in our own issue tracker

Bradley Wagner

Script formats
Script Formats

  • Stylesheets -> XSLT Formats

  • Script Formats: When XSL is too much

    • Backed by Apache Velocity templating engine

    • Procedural style familiar to PHP, Python, Perl developers

  • Content Type Indexes + Script Formats = Simper, More Efficient Dynamic Content Regions

Bradley Wagner

Cascade server in 2009

Cascade Server in 2009

Bradley Wagner

A few themes for 2009
(A Few) Themes for 2009

  • Scaling Cascade Server deployments

  • Lowering the learning curve

  • Providing solutions for the social Web

Bradley Wagner

Scaling cascade
Scaling Cascade


We’re adding 50 new micro-sites to Cascade in next 6 months


  • How can we empower our site managers and alleviate strain on our CMS administrators?

  • How can we easily link between sites being deployed to totally separate web servers?

  • How can we allow content contributors on on site to….?

Bradley Wagner

New roles

New Roles

Bradley Wagner

Previous innovations
Previous Innovations

  • Introduced editable Roles in Cascade 5.5

  • Allowed for enabling/disabling a wide-range of abilities for the 5 existing roles: Contributor, Approver, Publisher, Manager, and Administrator

Bradley Wagner

One step further
One Step Further

  • Allow creation of totally new custom roles

  • Add permissions to access control lists to control who can access them

  • Tailor new Roles to “allow content contributors” to do whatever you want

Bradley Wagner

Previous innovation
Previous Innovation

  • We’ve been laying the groundwork:

    • Administration Component Containers

    • Lastly, Transport Containers in Cascade 5.7

Bradley Wagner

Site features
Site Features

  • Formal Site Component

  • Site contains its own set of Folders and Administration Area components

  • Only the assets relevant to the Site are visible

  • Users can belong to multiple sites and can switch between them

  • Contextual, site-specific Roles

  • Allows “contributors on one site to…”

  • Site Specific Settings

Bradley Wagner

Some site specific settings
Some Site Specific Settings

  • Site Level URL

  • Allows for robust “linking between sites” deployed to possibly

  • Site Specific Content Preferences

    • WYSWIYG toolbar configuration (currently in Groups)

    • CSS File and CSS Classes (currently in Targets, Groups, Global)

    • Tidy, Spell Check, Link Check, Accessibility (currently Global)

  • Allows for more fine-grained control to “empower site managers”

Bradley Wagner

Long term site goal
Long Term Site Goal

  • Sites supplant Targets as the object that binds Home area assets and Administration components together

  • Allows for decoupling of Templates (presentation) from Targets (publish destination)

Bradley Wagner

Menu blocks
Menu Blocks

  • Combine common Index Blocks and Formats (XSLT or Script)

  • Create Menus with no XSLT and minimal number of options in a simple User Interface

    • Breadcrumbs

    • Next/Previous

    • Selected Objects

    • Context Navigation

Bradley Wagner

Social web sites
Social Web Sites

Sites are interactive web applications:

  • Personalization

    • Favorites

    • Watchers

  • Community Features

    • User Comments, Discussions

    • Ratings

    • Idea Exchanges

    • Blogs

    • Tags

    • Wikis

Bradley Wagner

Cascade delivery server

Cascade Delivery Server

Bradley Wagner

What is a delivery server
What is a Delivery Server?

  • Push CMS: Cascade Server 5 is strictly Push CMS that bakes and pushes files to a third-party Delivery Server (Apache, IIS Web Server)

  • Push/Pull CMS: Cascade’s Delivery Server will provide ability to directly serve up site content to browser

  • Imagine the Preview pane in Cascade 5 in a window by itself

Bradley Wagner

Cascade delivery server1
Cascade Delivery Server

  • Optional product

  • Simple enabling of Cascade Delivery Server from within Cascade

  • Content served up by Cascade with the same URL as would appear on your web server

  • Can be enabled for specific sites and micro-sites

Bradley Wagner

Why incorporate pull cms
Why incorporate Pull CMS?

  • Pull model has gained a lot more traction in the last few years as CMS applications have become more stable

  • Allows for instantaneous updating of site content for sites that require it:

    • Events Calendar

  • Allows for easy incorporation of Personalization and Community features

    • Blog with User Comments

Bradley Wagner

Future delivery server innovations live site modules
Future Delivery Server Innovations:Live Site Modules

Inject easily pluggable, configurable modules for:

  • Dynamic Content Harvesting – Calendars, Search

  • Personalization – Favorites, Watchers

  • Community – Comments/Discussions, Ratings, Ideas Exchanges

    right into existing page managed in Cascade Server.

  • Currently achieved with custom scripting code (PHP, .NET)

Bradley Wagner

Push and pull
Push and Pull

  • Cascade Server will still be a great Push CMS for maintaining organization controlled content:

    • Main corporate site (e.g.

    • Course Catalogs

    • News and Press Releases

  • Cascade Delivery Server will be great for interactive, community sites:

    • Cascade Knowledge Base with Favorites, Ratings, and Comments

Bradley Wagner

Benefits for all
Benefits for All

  • Delivery engine requires a consolidated rendered content cache to deliver the speed

  • All users will benefit from faster load page times for in-application viewing and during publishing

Bradley Wagner

Customer influenced roadmap your ideas matter

Customer Influenced Roadmap:Your Ideas Matter!

Bradley Wagner

Voicing your opinions
Voicing Your Opinions

  • Growing JIRA Features Project

    • Over 150 new features, improvements suggested since beginning of 2008

    • Over 30 voted on features, improvements, bug-fixes implemented in 5 series to date

  • Feature Idea Exchange on Customer Success Community

  • Need to talk?

    • Enter Chris Armistead, Client Advocate (product surveys, quarterly check-ins)

    • Remember our Support Staff headed by Tim Reilly and Joel Baxter is there to listen

Bradley Wagner

Q & A

Bring your questions for me to our Open Q&A, Tomorrow 12:30-1:30pm

Bradley Wagner