An Introduction to Environmental Management

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An Introduction to Environmental Management

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1. An Introduction to Environmental Management Jacqueline Davey & Rita Stephen

2. Environmental Management 2008 Jacqueline Davey & Rita Stephen Week 1- Introduction/Global Environmental Policies and Environmental Management /set assignment Week 2-Environment and Sustainable Development, Non-renewable energies Week 3-Carbon Capture/Sustaining Key resources and ethical responsibility Week 4 –Guest Lecturer- Brett Grosvenor from the E. A ‘National guidance and policy for flood risk management in the planning process’ and Rob Hillman from the E.A ‘Water Framework Directive’. Week 5 – Water/Waste Management or Guest Speaker Week 6 – Pat Foster- Mine Rehabilitation-case studies-2hrs Week 7- Assignment Presentations EASTER VACATION Week 8 – Assignment Presentations Week 9 – Assignment Presentations

4. VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER; The 3 Main Aims; 1) Identify Goals 2) Establish whether they can be met. 3) Develop and implement the means to do what it deems possible.

5. What are the main characteristics of environmental management?

6. Outline of 10 Main Characteristics Supports sustainable development. A generic term:- dealing with a world affected by humans(few wholly natural environments left today). Is proactive in its processes Needs a holistic, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary approach. Integrates and reconciles different development viewpoints. Brings together and co-ordinates social sciences with science, planning and policy making. Meets and exceeds basic human needs with desirable outcomes. Is not short term in its time scales? Local to global. Stresses stewardship, not exploitation. Identifies and addresses opportunities, threats and problems  

7. Define What you Consider environmental management to be?

8. Some definitions.... An approach that encompasses the political, social and natural environment. The formulation of an environmentally sound development strategy A sustainable level of satisfying the basic human needs at a minimum level, whilst keeping the needs of the environment at an optimum level. Seeking the best possible environmental option to promote sustainable development. To control all human activities which have a significant impact upon the environment? Environmental management-a generic description of the process undertaken by or, less, commonly an engineering , law or design background, tackling problems of the human-altered environment on an interdisciplinary basis from a quantitative and/or futuristic viewpoint (Dorney,1989).

9. Gwithian Sands

10. With Management can we keep a tunnel effect?

11. To Build or not to build?

12. To leave or not to leave?-this is the question!

13. Is this inkeeping with the area?

14. Can we tell just by looking?

15. This leaves many questions for you to think about.....? Leading you to next week..... Meur ras

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