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Presentation Lithuania 2013. Introduction.

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Lithuania 2013


We are whole sale company JSC „VATL Group“. Our location is Vilnius, Lithuania. We are selling food and non-food products, part of them world known brand names. We are working in all three Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia markets. We are young, but experienced, ambitious and motivated company. Our management team have big experience (average 11 years of experience) in sales and marketing fields. Especially strong Key accounts positions. A good relationship with biggest clients – chains gives good results. Communication could be in English or in Russian languages.

jsc vatl group distribution channels
JSC “VATL Group” distribution channels

Products are distributed via a wide network of retailers

  • Modern trade – hyper and supermarkets (Largest retail chains in Lithuania: Maxima, IKI, RIMI);
  • Petrol stations;
  • HoReCa;
  • Healthcare – pharmacy chains;
  • Traditional trade – specialized shops, C&C, discounters, big and small groceries.
jsc vatl group warehousing and logistics
JSC “VATL Group” Warehousing and Logistics

Logistics center in Vilnius

  • city limits with easy connection to major directions from Vilnius;
  • 12500 m² "under roof" and 3000 m² for outdoor storage;
  • 9,000 pallet racking system;
  • bonded warehouse area;
  • oversized shipment storage area "under roof";
  • side loading platforms;
  • ramps for handling cargoes from sea containers.

Services :

  • full 3PL services;
  • handling and short or long storage of transit cargoes;
  • customs broker services;
  • order placing and tracking through internet.

Vision of working scheme and principles in Baltic area

We are looking for long term partners who are interested in them own brand building in Baltic states area. To get good results usually producer and representer must work like one team. Producer knows them product better than anybody else and must to support brand building from them side. We could supportwith our knowledge, experience and information (market data research) of local market.

JSC “VATL Group” could cover Lithuania market like Latvian and Estonian, for Latvia and Estonia we have person-representative who coordinates products supply and controls our clients in the area. Also representative prepares all necessary reports for producer and main office.

Logistic center Latvia

Logistic center Lithuania


Logistic center Estonia




Vision of working scheme and principles in Lithuania

  • JSC “VATL Group” could works with all clients directly in whole Lithuanian market. Modern trade negotiations and supply directly. Traditional trade negotiations directly logistic trough outsourcing company. Professional product lines we could supply trough our partners.
  • Delivery time of orders 24h, extra transportation services (delivery in 2-4 hours).

Factory/ Logistic center

Logistic center

Coordination and control center

Traditional Trade Stores

Logistic center of Modern Trade client

Modern Trade Stores


Vision of jobs and responsibilities

  • JSC “VATL Group”:
  • KA control
  • Negotiations
  • Listings
  • Price policy
  • Merchandising
  • Promo planning
  • Orders
  • Logistic
  • Reports
  • Producer/Supplier:
  • Supply
  • Brand concept
  • Support in brand building
  • Place in shelve concept

Focus on brand

  • Brand building strategy for 3-5 years
  • Effective Public relations and sponsorship of events
  • Synergy of professional combination of ATL and BTL means
  • Merchandising

Focus on producer/supplier

  • Involvement of maximum assortment
  • Evaluation of opportunities in each category
  • Defining of assortment leaders for focuses
  • Marketing plan for 3-5 years

Launch of new products

  • Market research and analysis of target consumer behaviour
  • Clear positioning of products and marketing plan for 3-5 years
  • Presentation of products to clients, merchandising
  • Synergy of professional combination of ATL and BTL means
  • Implementation of different marketing tactics depending of target audience

Take over brands

  • Detailed take over plan
  • Present situation brand health analysis (distribution, marketing monitoring data, consumer behavior)
  • Marketing plan for 3-5 years
  • Constant evaluation of everyday operations
general overview of economy 2012
General overview of economy 2012

Population: 3. 349 872

Unemployment rate

2010 18.1%

2011 15.3%

2012 13.2%


Inflation rate 2012 3 %

Average Income/household member 2012

475.20 EUR or +6 % vs. 2011

general overview of trade channels
General overview of trade channels

AC Nielsen 2012

Comments: Comments: The biggest part of market have Modern Trade channel (MT). In MT we have four biggest chains: Maxima LT, IKI, Norfa, Rimi in total they have 72% of market.

general overview of economy 20121
General overview of economy 2012

Population: 2.236.910

Unemployment rate

2010 6,2%

2011 19,8%

F2012 17%

GDP - 1%

Inflation rate 2012 1,4%

Income/household member 2012

481 EUR or +4 % vs. 2011

latvia market by trade channels
Latvia market by trade channels

AC Nielsen 2012

Comments: The biggest part of market have Modern Trade channel (MT). In MT we have four biggest chains: Maxima, Rimi, Elvi, Mego Nelda.


General overview of economy 2012

Population: 1.299.371

Unemployment rate

2010 7,2%

2011 19,8%

F2012 15%

GDP +1,8%

Inflation rate 2012 3,9%

Income/household member 2012

489 EUR +8 % vs. 2011

estonia market by trade channels
Estonia market by trade channels

AC Nielsen 2012

Comments: The biggest part of market have Modern Trade channel (MT) 90%. In MT we have four biggest chains: Maxima, Rimi, Selver, Prisma. Traditional trade have only 10% of market.

thank you for your time
Thank you for your time!


E-mail:[email protected]

Web page:

Tel.: +370 679 88866