Second six weeks vocab
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Second Six Weeks Vocab PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second Six Weeks Vocab. Lesson 2 Quiz on Friday, October 22. scrupulous. careful; painstaking Abraham Lincoln was so scrupulous about honesty that he would walk several miles to return something he had borrowed. obsequious. overly obedient; submissive

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Second Six Weeks Vocab

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Second Six Weeks Vocab

Lesson 2

Quiz on Friday, October 22


careful; painstaking

Abraham Lincoln was so scrupulous about honesty that he would walk several miles to return something he had borrowed.


overly obedient; submissive

I have no respect for those who bully inferiors, but act obsequious to those in authority over them.


capable of being shaped

The goo that the dentist squirted into my mouth to make a mold for my braces was very malleable, but it soon set up and hardened.


agreeable; likable

He was an amiable person, always smiling and happy.


emphatically; with extreme emotion/passion

“I did NOT cheat on the test,” Paula replied vehemently when accused by the teacher.


calm; quiet

It was a relief to the young mother to have her baby calm and placid instead of cranky and crying from an ear infection.



I reiterated the directions for those who were not listening the first time.


inactive period

The overheated classroom and the boring lecture combined to almost sedate the students and lull them into a state of torpor.


accuracy or faithfulness

When you marry someone, one of the main vows is fidelity.


careful and honest

A conscientious student is one who carefully writes down all his homework, takes notes, studies, and completes all assigned homework.


well-articulated, persuasive speech

The preacher’s eloquence persuaded all of the congregation that they should go help the unfortunate.



Much of the poet’s everyday musings are recorded in her journal; we were able to find her thoughts that prompted her poems.


not able to be perceived with the senses

The victim of the motorcycle accident lay insensible in the hospital. No one knew how long the coma would last.


the father (male head) of a family or tribe

My grandfather is considered the patriarch of our family.


one who supposedly tells the future; a prophet

Some people consult fortunetellers or seers because they desire to know what the future holds.


a home or residence

Birds live in trees; wolves live in dens, but humans make their abode in houses.


something or someone that has been cut to pieces

In horror movies there is often at least one person who is dismembered by the villain or monster.


freedom from punishment or harm

Because Jack was the captain of the football team and its most valuable player, he felt he could skip practice with impunity because the coach and team needed him so much; he was wrong.


diligence; perseverance; carefulness

His assiduity led to his receiving an “A” for the first time in English.



The summer between junior high and high school my sister metamorphosed from a shy, plain wallflower into an outgoing, beautiful “Miss Popularity.”

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