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THE TRUTH ABOUT. MOSQUITOES. A mosquito weighs 0.0025 grams. On average they are 16mm long. Mosquitoes use sensors around their mouthparts to detect the warmth of your body and the blood inside it….

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A mosquito weighs

0.0025 grams

On average they are 16mm long

Mosquitoes use sensors around their mouthparts to detect the warmth of your body and the blood inside it…

…they then land on you and locate the best capillaries to ‘tap’ into!

Depending on which species a mosquito takes between

0.01ml and 0.001ml

of blood per attack…

…so on average it’s estimated that it would take 1 million bites to drain your body dry of blood

Mosquito saliva contains some of the same ingredients as rat poison

A mosquito flaps its wings up to 600 times a second

Male mosquitoes locate females by the sound of their wings

Only the female

mosquito sucks blood

It’s not for food

It’s to reproduce

After you’ve been bitten it can take up to 10 minutes before an itchy lump appears!

If disturbed while feeding a mosquito will return several times until she is full of blood

Mosquitoes generally fly below 25 feet

However, they have been found 8,000 feet up in the Himalayas


Lymphatic Filariasis

Yellow Fever

Dengue Fever


Spread by Mosquitoes


Nile Fever

Ross River Fever

Mosquitoes are responsible for a child dying every 30 seconds…

…so in the time it takes you to read this slideshow mosquitoes will be responsible for the deaths of 6 more children!

3,000 people died yesterday,

3,000 people will die today and 3,000 people will die tomorrow…

…all in all mosquitoes will be responsible for the deaths of 1 million people this year…

…that’s the population of San Jose, California

…it’s widely accepted that mosquitoes have killed more people than all the wars that have ever been fought…

…more controversially some people believe that 50% of all the people that have ever lived have been killed by mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes don’t

just kill humans, almost nothing is safe!

They’ve even killed two Killer Whales

in captivity!

…and six penguins

at London Zoo

Mosquitoes kill dogs and cats by giving them heart worm

…and kill horses by giving them EEE

(Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus)

Alexander the Great is believed to have died of malaria in 323 B.C.

There have been

other famous people who have contracted malaria including American presidents Theodore Roosevelt and

John F. Kennedy…

Mosquitoes have been around since the Jurassic period.

So they are about

210 million years old...

…and they’re here to stay!

The best way to avoid being attacked is to

use the best repellent


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Find out more at…

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