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The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peter Felkai MD. medical director. The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary. Hungary has neither high mountains, nor any coastline. 600,000 skiers. 80,000 divers. In each year, 2 – 3 Hungarian children or young people die on the slope.

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The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary

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Peter Felkai MD.

medical director

The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary

Hungary has neither high mountains, nor any coastline

600,000 skiers

80,000 divers

In each year, 2 – 3 Hungarian children or young people die on the slope.

Generally, 30% of the insured has some kind of health problem

Why so much injuried are among the Hungarian skiers ?

  • lack of pre-travel advice for skiers

  • inappropriate training before sport activity

  • missing surveillance of the accomodation site

  • many skiers abuse alcohol and drog

  • inappropriate clothing and equipments

  • disregarding the protective tools ( helmet, knee braces, wrist guard, etc.)

  • ignorance about avalanche and safety equipments available

Incidental factors to ski injuries:

  • pre-existing diseases ( asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, COPD, acute infections)

  • unexpected symptoms (motion sickness, acute mountain sickness, mal-de-ski, panic disorder)

  • disadvantageous factors (fatigue, sleepiness, bad accomodation, malnutrition)

  • disregarded medical problems (diarrhoea, pernigo, hypothermia, snow-blindness, minor injuries, upper airway infections)

All of these factors could be prevented !

Needs for a well-educated and well-trained doctors who can

escort the ski groups and performs prevention and advanced life support

Authorities and tasks of a ski-camp doctor

Mountain rescuers


Ski camp doctor

The power of scenario

Theory: 6 hours

Outdoor training: 9 hours

Limited coverage by the EU - card

Full coverage by travel insurance (assistance) – card: rescue operations, hospitalisation, repatriation




ski camp doctor


traineer or



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