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The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Peter Felkai MD. medical director. The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary. Hungary has neither high mountains, nor any coastline. 600,000 skiers. 80,000 divers. In each year, 2 – 3 Hungarian children or young people die on the slope.

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Peter Felkai MD.

medical director

The Ski Camp Doctor trainig in Hungary

600,000 skiers

80,000 divers

In each year, 2 – 3 Hungarian children or young people die on the slope.

Generally, 30% of the insured has some kind of health problem

Why so much injuried are among the hungarian skiers
Why so much injuried are among the Hungarian skiers ? on the slope.

  • lack of pre-travel advice for skiers

  • inappropriate training before sport activity

  • missing surveillance of the accomodation site

  • many skiers abuse alcohol and drog

  • inappropriate clothing and equipments

  • disregarding the protective tools ( helmet, knee braces, wrist guard, etc.)

  • ignorance about avalanche and safety equipments available

Incidental factors to ski injuries
Incidental factors to ski injuries: on the slope.

  • pre-existing diseases ( asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, COPD, acute infections)

  • unexpected symptoms (motion sickness, acute mountain sickness, mal-de-ski, panic disorder)

  • disadvantageous factors (fatigue, sleepiness, bad accomodation, malnutrition)

  • disregarded medical problems (diarrhoea, pernigo, hypothermia, snow-blindness, minor injuries, upper airway infections)

Needs for a well-educated and well-trained doctors who can on the slope.

escort the ski groups and performs prevention and advanced life support

Mountain rescuers on the slope.


Ski camp doctor

The power of scenario
The power of scenario on the slope.

Theory: 6 hours

Outdoor training: 9 hours

Limited coverage by the EU - card on the slope.

Full coverage by travel insurance (assistance) – card: rescue operations, hospitalisation, repatriation

HOLIDAY FUN on the slope.



ski camp doctor


traineer or


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