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Faculty Search Process. Faculty Position Request Form. Department Chair completes and submits the Faculty Position Request Form to the appropriate Dean, who then submits it to the Provost for review and approval: http://www.tamiu.edu/provost/documents/FacPositionReq.pdf.

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Faculty position request form
Faculty Position Request Form

  • Department Chair completes and submits the Faculty Position Request Form to the appropriate Dean, who then submits it to the Provost for review and approval:


Assigning search committee
Assigning Search Committee

  • Dean consults with the Department Chair to appoint a Search Committee and Chair.

  • Dean forwards Search Committee members to the Provost.

  • Search Committee develops JVN (in a MS Word file) and submits to Department Chair and Dean for approval.

  • Dean forwards JVN to Provost for approval.

  • Provost e-mails JVN to Director of HR (Sandra) for final review.

  • Director of HR e-mails fully-approved JVN to Purchasing.

  • If advertising externally, Search Committee completes and submits the Faculty Advertisement Request Form with fully-approved ad:


  • Search Committee works with Purchasing to place the ad.

Request for interview form
Request for Interview Form

  • Please follow approval process as indicated on Request for Interview Form:


  • Candidate’s vitae must be attached to this form.

Faculty recruitment travel estimation form
Faculty Recruitment Travel Estimation Form

  • Please follow approval process as indicated on Faculty Recruitment Travel Estimation Form:


  • Important: Approval must be obtained from the Provost prior to candidate’s visit.

Faculty search applicant list
Faculty Search Applicant List

  • Search Committee Chair must notify HR when a job offer has been made and accepted.

  • Search committee Chair must notify HR when to close down the JVN.

  • The Faculty Search Applicant List is important as it finalizes and ensures proper documentation of the faculty search process:


  • Immediately upon closing the JVN, Search Committee Chair completes the Faculty Search Applicant List and provides it electronically to the Provost, Dean, and HR.


  • All forms must be received directly from the Dean’s Office and forwarded to the Provost via e-mail attachment for verification and approval.

  • The Provost will return all forms directly to the Dean’s Office. The Dean’s Office will then distribute them to the submitting department.

  • All forms must be completed without delay to ensure the faculty search process and all documentation are finalized in a timely manner.

  • Please direct all inquiries about the faculty search forms to your Dean’s Office.

  • Please direct inquiries about the faculty search process to the HR Office.

  • You can refer to the HR website (www.tamiu.edu/ohr) under EMPLOYMENT for resources such as:

    • “Advertising and Hiring Procedures for Faculty Vacancies”

    • “Good Interview Questions for Faculty”

    • “Tips for Conducting an Interview”

    • “Tips for Conducting Reference Checks”

Check list

  • Faculty Position Request

  • Search Committee Members List

  • Job Vacancy Notice-JVN (in MS Word file) attach Faculty Advertisement Request Form if advertising externally

  • Request for Interview Form (attach vitae) Faculty

  • Recruitment Travel Estimation Form

    (RIF and RTEF should be submitted together)

  • Contact the Provost’s Office (Marta) to schedule the interview.


  • All forms must be appropriately filled out in order to avoid delays (forward forms to the College Dean Executive Secretary).

  • Faculty interviews must not be scheduled earlier than a two-week advance notice (this also applies to airfare).

  • Faculty interviews: 30 minutes for faculty, and 1 hour for department chair

  • Expenses:

    • Provost covers airfare expense

    • Dean covers meals/lodging

    • Dean covers for advertising expenses

  • Please contact the Dean’s Office for all inquiries relating to Faculty Recruitment.

  • Only forms received directly from the Dean’s Office will be reviewed and approved by the Provost.

  • Permanent Residency: when a faculty member applies for (PR) you must follow the same procedure as a new position and submit forms.

  • HR usually contacts the department chair and informs them that the faculty member is applying.