Unit 6     It’s raining!
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Unit 6 It’s raining! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 6 It’s raining!. How is the weather? It’s cloudy. How is the weather? It’s rainy./ It’s raining. How is the weather? It’s snowy./ snowing. How is the weather? It’s windy. How is the weather? It’s sunny. How is the weather? It’s hot. How is the weather? It’s humid.

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Unit 6 It’s raining!

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Unit 6 It’s raining!

How is the weather?

It’s cloudy.

How is the weather?

It’s rainy./ It’s raining.

How is the weather?

It’s snowy./ snowing.

How is the weather?

It’s windy.

How is the weather?

It’s sunny.

How is the weather?

It’s hot.

How is the weather?

It’s humid.

How is the weather?

It’s dry.

How is the weather?

It’s cold.

How is the weather?

It’s warm.

How is the weather?

It’s cool.

How is the weather?

It’s ….

Look at the sun.

Theyare running.

It’s today


Look at the clouds.

It’s ______today.

She is swimming.


What is the weather like now?

Look at the rain.

It’s ______ today.

He is watching TV.


They are driving.

Look at the fog

It’s _____ today


Very slowly.

How is the weather?

It is snowing.

It’s snowy.

They are making

a snowman.

It’s windy and sandy.

closing the door.

closing the window.

How is the weather today?

It’s rainy

What’s the weather like tomorrow?

It’ll be fine.









How’s the weather tomorrow?

It’ll be very cold.

It’ll be very cool.

It’ll be very hot.

It’ll be very dry.

It’ll be very humid.

It’s rather cold now

It will be much warmertomorrow

quite cool now

a little rainier later on.

very hot today.

even hottertomorrow

What’s the weather like today?

It’s cold

What’s the weather like tomorrow ?

I think it will be even colder

It is snowing heavily now.

It is blowing strongly.

It is raining heavily .

Different weather ,different activities

Different cities,different weather


Good morning! Here’s the weather report for some big cities across the world.Beijing is cloudy.The high temperature will be 4.There’ll be beautiful sunshine in the daytime, but the low temperature tonight will be minus 5. Wear warm clothes at night when you go out . …That’s the weather for today. Thank you for listening.

There isa lot of sunshinein Beijing in autumn.

=Itis sunnyin autumn.

There isa lot of rainin Zhongshanin summer.

= It oftenrains heavilyin summer.

There isa lot of snowin Harbin in winter.

= It oftensnows heavily in winter.

There will be a strong wind tonight.

=It will blow strongly tonight.

A quiz


1. The coldest month in China is ___.

A. March B. November

C. December

 2. The hottest months in Australia


A.12,1,2 B.6,7,8 C.3,4,5


3.Turfan is famous for its grapes and watermelons which are very sweet and delicious because____.

A. it often rains there

B. it’s cloudy there

C. there is much sunshine and it’s

cold at night


4. It often snows and it’s very cold in

North China in winter and people

there often ____.

A. go rafting B. go swimming

C. go skiing


5.  It’s green everywhere in Zhongshan

all year round because____.

A. it’s cool and dry

B. it’s hot and dry

C. it’s warm and wet


6. The weather here is changeable and

people have to wear warm clothes

in the morning and cool clothes at

noon. They eat watermelons with

a stove. This place refers to ____.

A. Tibet

B. Inner Mongolia

C. Turfan


7.This weather here is warm all year round. It never gets too hot in summer or too cold in winter. It attracts quite a lot of tourists each year. The city which is calledspring citystands for______.

A. Kunming

B. Shanghai

C. Haikou


8.Influenced by the sea, the climate

here is different from that of other

areas in the same latitude(纬度).

It’s warm and wet and it is often

foggy.The city which is known as

foggy city refers to_____.

A . London B. Paris C. Washington


9.It is very hot in most parts of China in summer, especially in the cities below. The cities which are known as Three stovesto all stand for ________.

A.Wuhan, Chongqing and Nanjing

B. Beijing, Xi’an and Tianjin

C. Zhengzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou



10.In _____, there was so much rain that a serious flood destroyed many houses and many people including some PLA men lost their lives during the disaster (灾难) .

A.1998 B. 2000 C.2002


11._______ is the southernmost city in China, where it is warm all year round and now it is also an international seashore city for tourists from China and abroad. It is not Hawaii but it is called Eastern Hawaii , as the geographical positions, the climate and some other things between them are much alike. This city is _______.

A. Haikou B. Zhuhai C. Sanya


12.The northernmost town in China is ________, which has the coldest weather in winter. The temperature is usually 20 or even 40 below zero.

A. Urumqi B. Harbin C. Mohe


13. In the polar region, the night and day

last about two months. We called the

night and day_________.

A. Polar night and Polar day

B. long night and long day

C. winter night and summer day


14. The Tropic of Cancer ( 北回归线 ) is

the northernmost line from which the

sun will go back to the south.

The question is :

On which day does the sun come to

the Tropic of Cancer? _____

A. June 22

B. December 22

C. September 22


15. The most rainfall in China stays

in _______.

A. January B. July C. October


16.We are all familiar with Mr Box who

was from New Zealand and taught in

our school last year. The question is:

When it is summer in China, what

season is it in New Zealand?______

A. autumn B. winter C. spring


17.As we all know that sandstorm often

attacks Beijing. What do you think

you can do to prevent it from attacking

our capital?______

A.to build a wall

B. to let the wind stop blowing

from Siberia ( 西伯利亚 ).

C. to plant more trees around



18. What is the most terrible weather

to Zhongshan and some other coastal

places in China? ____

A. Typhoon B. Snow C. Heavy rain


19.The plane will have to stop flying

and stay at the airport when the

weather is ___ .

A. cloudy B. foggy C. rainy




20.The Eskimos live near the North Pole.

They usually use ____ to carry things.

A. sledges B. trucks C. carts


21.When autumn comes, the days get

_____ and the nights get ______.

A.longer, shorter

B. shorter, longer

C. short, longest

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