Using ROI-focused Selling  to Help Close More Deals, Faster
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Using ROI-focused Selling to Help Close More Deals, Faster PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using ROI-focused Selling to Help Close More Deals, Faster. Presented by - - - The Deciding Factor Jack Keen President 986 South Shore Drive Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 USA USA Phone: 908-658-4444 USA Fax: 908-658-5510 Email: [email protected] Web Site:

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Using ROI-focused Selling to Help Close More Deals, Faster

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Using ROI-focused Selling to Help Close More Deals, Faster

Presented by - - -

The Deciding Factor

Jack Keen


986 South Shore Drive

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 USA

USA Phone: 908-658-4444 USA Fax: 908-658-5510

Email: [email protected]

Web Site:


Using ROI-focused Selling to Help Close More Deals, Faster

  • Introduction: who we are

  • Why ROI-focused selling methods, now?

  • Elements of a true ROI-focused approach

  • Example of ROI-focused selling in action

  • Summary and Conclusions

  • Discussion

Introduction – Who We Are

  • Our background in ROI-focused selling:

    • 30 years in IT industry sales, management and consulting

    • 11 years full-time involvement in ROI applications, including over 200 ROI projects in 15 countries, worldwide

    • Author of over 40 articles on ROI methods

    • Mentions in major business media

  • The Deciding Factor (TDF) offers:

    • Over 6,000 people trained worldwide in TDF’s methods

    • VALUE-on-Demand™ line of uniquely customizable ROI model software for discovering and communicating true IT Value.

    • Value Data Repository of over 400 pre-defined profiles for computing intangible-to-tangible conversion formulas and related justification factors for common business issues.

    • Firms served include: Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Deloitte & Touche Consulting, SAP.


hy ROI-focused Selling Methods, Now?

Why Mgt. Doesn’t Want to Say “YES”

  • Management is Scared

    • “IT is a High Risk, Hidden Cost Process”*

      • 31% of Projects Never Finish**

      • 58% Have Less Functionality Than Promised**

      • Over 50% Cost More Than 180% of Original Estimate**

* Wilcocks and Lester, UNICOM Conference, Uxbridge, UK

** Standish Group International Survey, Large Users

Why Management Said NO (When They Should Have Said YES)

  • Management Found That - - -

    • Key Costs Missed

    • Savings Overlooked

    • Benefits Disputed

    • Explanations Confusing

    • Key BUSINESS Benefits Overlooked


lements of a True ROI-focused Approach

Focus Our Sales/Marketing Conversations On True BUSINESS VALUE(Not Systems and Data Issues)

Focus of Conversations That Win

Business Results


Objectives/Tactics (VPs, Directors)

Focus of Conversations That Lose



Communicate Our Value to ALL Stakeholders

Increase Revenue, Profits

CEO, Board

Increase Customer Satisfaction


Market Share






On Budget,

On Time Project







Show the Cause and Effect Linkage of Your Value from Bottom to Top

More Strategically Flexible Organization


Level 1 (Top Execs.)

$ 1.1 M

Reduce Emp. Costs

Level 2 (VPs)

Close Books Faster

Level 3 (Directors)

Better Schedule Emp.

Reduce F&A Labor Costs

Level 4 (Managers)







Faster Data Entry, Reduce Error Correction

Establish an ROI Value Repository to Accumulate and Communicate Key ROI-Selling Messages

  • ROI Payoff Formulas

  • Tangible Payoff Formulas

  • Benefits Driving Forces

  • Payoff Examples

  • Reasons

  • Procedures

  • Step Descriptions

  • Process Tips

  • Examples

  • Management Issues

  • Decision Criteria

  • Business Visions and Goals

  • Operations Issues

  • Guidelines

  • Interview Suggestions

  • Examples

  • Research Sources

  • Definitions

ROI Value Repository

Tangible Benefits

Technology Costs

Technology Costs

Increased Sales

Reduced Support Costs

People Costs

People Costs

CRM Program


Other Cost Reduction

Roll-Out Costs

Roll-Out Costs

Intangible Benefits

Improved customer loyalty

Improved market penetration

Reduced service costs

Use Value Images the Audience Understands

Total Annual Realized Benefits = $xx.x M

Annual Realized Cost =

$xx.x M

Intangible Benefits

IRR = 52% Based on Cash Flow

Improved Production

NPV= $31 Million

(2 Year Payback Period)

Tangible Benefits

Improve Production

Other Cost Reduction

Make the Benefits Tracking Method Real


xample of ROI-Focused Selling in Action

Featuring Excerpts from TDF’s VALUE-on-Demand™ ROI Model Generator

Scenario #1:Ten Minute ROI


    • ABC Corp. CEO, KATE, is very unhappy with their market penetration, wants better results, now.

    • ABC Corp. CFO, FRED, believes ABC’s main problem is under-investing in training of their key personnel.

      • ACME Consulting Group has set up a presentation to explain how their solution can help Fred and Kate.

Scenario #1:Ten Minute ROI

Check VALUEBOARD to assure Payoff link to exec. concerns

Scenario #1:Ten Minute ROI

Use QUICK-Calc wizard for easy data entry

E,g, QUICK-Calc

Scenario #2:Instant Metrics

Review “General Information” portion of FlashCard Profile

Scenario #2:Instant Metrics

Review “Calculation” portion of FlashCard Profile

Scenario #2:Instant Metrics

Review “Evidence & Support” portion of FlashCard Profile

Calculations are Summarized in Executive Reports

Scenario #1:Ten Minute ROI

Request Executive Report package

Financial Results Key Tangible/Intangible Payoffs

Scenario #1:Ten Minute ROI


CFO Fred takes his “personal” Ten Minute ROI example to the CEO, who is very enthusiastic about the training. Requests Acme to present their solution to the Executive Committee next Friday.

Feeling great, Fred heads off to a much deserved week-end in the wine country.

Payoffs from Using ROI-focused Selling Methods and Tools

  • 90% less PERSON-TIME to find ROI info, do analysis

  • 95% less ELASPED TIME to complete ROI reports


  • 10 times more COMPELLING communications

  • More favorable buy decisions, faster

Construct Market-Specific and Client-Specific ROI Models with TDF’s Master Repository of over 400 PayoffCards™. Each PayoffCard succinctly profiles exactly how to quantify & justify a single benefit area.


ummary and Conclusions


  • ROI selling is no longer optional

  • Effective ROI selling involves - - -

    • Communicating with believable value messages

    • Tailoring ROI messages to each client

    • Quantifying your own value vividly

  • An ROI Value Repository leverages your firm’s value knowledge

  • VALUE-on-Demand)™ strengthens and simplifies ROI-focused selling

For More Information on ROI-focused Selling Techniques

  • Visit our Web Site for more ideas and suggestions.

  • Request our white paper:

    • “20 Ways to Find Tangible Savings that Others Miss”

  • Review 40 Short Articles on ROI-focused techniques at (search using keywords: “Jack AND Keen”).

  • Call us at TDF:

    • Ron Barbaree (609-443-0477)

    • Jack Keen (908-658-4444)

ROI-focused Selling:

Make Your Superior Value Visible and Irresistible



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