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Tao Liang, PhD
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Tao Liang, PhD Director of PathXchange Services. What is PathXchange. A professional networking, collaboration and learning portal, promoting digital pathology Think of it as YouTube and Facebook for pathology!. A Web 2.0 Approach: simple, social, and fun!

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Tao Liang, PhD Director of PathXchange Services

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Tao liang phd director of pathxchange services

Tao Liang, PhD

Director of PathXchange Services

What is pathxchange

What is PathXchange

A professional networking, collaboration and learning portal, promoting digital pathology

Think of it as YouTube and Facebook for pathology!

A Web 2.0 Approach: simple, social, and fun!

PathXchange.org = Pathology Web 2.0

Why pathxchange

Why PathXchange

  • Provides a virtual community to pathologists

    • Connect pathologists working in silos, from different countries and institutions

    • Global network, accessible to a wider audience

  • Remove digital pathology adoption barriers

    • Free slide scanning for up to five cases per month

    • No downloads; works across all platforms and browsers

    • 24 x 7 accessibility, no IT maintenance

    • Extremely scalable storage; global cloud-computing infrastructure

Who s on pathxchange

Who’s on PathXchange

  • Explosive growth since launch in Mid 2009

    • 9000+ users

    • 2000+ cases, thousands of images

  • Users from 160 countries, 1000 institutions

  • Word-of-mouth adoption

  • Top countries:

  • USA

  • China

  • India

  • Canada

  • Brazil

  • UK,

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Russia

What can you do on pathxchange

What can you do on PathXchange

Browseinteresting cases from around the world

Create your own online case and course gallery

Shareyour cases and slides with colleagues

Searchour expanding global knowledge base

Learnand teach pathology and latest advances in the field

Askexperts for their opinion on your case

How is pathxchange organically being used

How is PathXchange (organically) being used

The e learning need

The e-Learning Need

  • Traditional textbook based teaching not enough

    • Increased lab costs and instructor overhead

    • Limited access to content & slides “outside class hours”

    • CME is a requirement for maintaining licenses

    • Sharing knowledge, discussing cases not as simple

  • There is a growing need for:

    • Students, residents to learn newer technologies such as digital pathology

    • Students, residents to network with experts

    • Rapid dissemination of knowledge and information

    • Library of peer-reviewed cases like peer-reviewed journals

    • Web 2.0 applications to share information and collaborate on web (wikipedia, RSS feed, archives, twitter, etc)

Reference use cases

Reference Use Cases

  • Case Conferencing

    • CAP Futurescape 2009 (R. Monroe, June, 2009)

    • Senior Surgical Pathology Meeting (S. Lele, Whole-slide scans and web-based conferencing tools used in combination provide accurate assessment of cases for real-time global clinical consultation, Pathology Visions, October, 2010)

  • Slide sharing clubs

    • Soft Tissue Slide Club (K. Kaplan et al)

  • Research Study

    • Mayo Clinic Autoimmune Pancreatitis (AIP) Interobserver Concordance Study (S. Chari et al and The Autoimmune Pancreatitis International Co-operative Study Group, Histopathologic and Clinical Subtypes of Autoimmune Pancreatitis: The Honolulu Consensus Document, Pancreatology and Pancreas, 2010)

  • eLearning

    • University of Nebraska Medical Center M1/M2 Student Labs (S. Hinrichs et al)

  • CME

    • Hematopathology Update Course (http://www.unmc.edu/cce/hematopathologyupdate)

Quotes from pathxchange members

Quotes from PathXchange Members

Dr. Keith Kaplan,Professor, Mayo Clinic.

“I think PathXchange is one of the first examples of a peer-review process for pathology images. I welcome it - I think it is part of the Pathology 2.0 experience.”

Quotes from pathxchange members contd

Quotes from PathXchange Members contd.

Dr. Mehul B. Amin,Chairman, Dept of Pathology, Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

“Without PathXchange, it wouldn’t have been possible to read a second opinion case half way around the globe in a two day timeframe.”

Quotes from pathxchange members contd1

Quotes from PathXchange Members contd.

Dr. Subodh M. Lele, Associate Professor, Univ. of Nebraska Medical Center.

“Utilizing PathXchange’s global collaboration capabilities to conference with pathologists half way around the world in real time was a unique and very rewarding experience for me.”

More quotes from px members

More Quotes from Px Members

“PathXchange is an excellent website which allows Pathologists to share information, collaborate, and exchange. Uploading cases, image sharing, and exchanging content is very easy on PathXchange. I thank PathXchange team for their tremendous work for creating this wonderful networking website.” Dr Prashant A Jani, Asst. Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

“Your site offers  a very easy uploading and editing option. Your search option is wonderful, I can find any of my case in seconds! During our teaching sessions, in stead of Googling, I have been "PathXchanging" for variations of lesions  from our own cases. Teaching  time has become more fun! Dr Deba P Sarma, Professor, Creighton University Medical Center

“Continuous education for medical profession will no longer be limited to only prestigious institutes, world renowned professors, or medical journals in the future.  We, the community pathologists, will make our contributions to future pathology education.” Dr. Jian-Hua Qiao, Pathologist, California Hospital Medical Center

User scenarios

User Scenarios

Case of the week

Case of the Week

Browse cases by subspecialty

Browse Cases by Subspecialty

Browse a case

Browse a Case

Browse digital slides

Browse Digital Slides

Browse similar cases

Browse Similar Cases

Share cases within a group

Share Cases Within a Group

Take an online course

Take An Online Course

Self assessments


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