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Distance Learning

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Distance Learning. Distance Learning Oh, the places you will go! . Goals for Videoconferencing. Collaborate with other teachers, students and administrators Enrich lessons with outside resources Engage in professional development . Advantages of Video Conferencing

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Distance Learning

Oh, the places you will go!

goals for videoconferencing
Goals for Videoconferencing
  • Collaborate with other teachers, students and administrators
  • Enrich lessons with outside resources
  • Engage in professional development

Advantages of

  • Video Conferencing
    • To have teachers and students work together with other teachers and students
    • To knock down the walls of the classroom and invite the world in.
  • Appeals to students’ different learning styles
  • Increases many students’ motivation to learn
  • Provides practice on improving presentation and communication skills.

While videoconferencing

is not new to educational

settings, it can still be

considered a novelty by

those who have not

experienced its power.


Teachers who have used the technology successfully are quick to extol the benefits to their students…


Richland One students have been able to videoconference with each other, authors, astronauts, congressmen, scientists, animators, newscasters, toy designers, engineers, actors, musicians, artists and museum curators to

name a few examples.


Other Examples:

Museums, corporations, & institutions of higher learning can give students the opportunity to interact with experts without leaving the classroom.


enabling us to teach the student as a whole…

intellectual and emotional human beings.


Through the use of video conferencing, teachers have been able to coordinate experiences for their students that

would not be




Each Richland One high school and middle school has a video conferencing lab available to teachers as well as a few elementary schools. There is also a portable unit available for use.

Many districts are also providing videoconferencing capabilities for their students.

recent opportunities
Recent Opportunities

Financial Forum

Free Videoconferencing opportunity on the topic of Financial InvestmentsGrade Level: 6-12

primary source documents
Primary Source Documents

Library of Congress - Free

Research: Using primary sources - Locating, examining, and critiquing content and perspectives… culminating in products and/or performance with real-world application.


NASA’s Digital Learning Network presents a series of videoconferences on NASA education

Hubble Space Telescope:

With the completion of the recent shuttle mission to the International Space Station,

the Mission to Hubble is next in line.

Find out more at the

Goddard Space Flight Center.

for help with video conferencing
For Help With Video Conferencing


MadellDobrushin – [email protected]

Dale Bosworth – [email protected]

Dayle Lytle - [email protected]


Distance Learning

Oh, the places you will go!