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HQ PIPELINE WORKSHOP. ROME 10 - 11 JULY 2002. PIPELINE CO-ORDINATION IN WFP. Roles and Responsibilities. Country Office. What? When? Where? = REQUIREMENTS. Service Providers. RE, ODP, MSP, OTS, OTF, OTL and the Bureau Support to the Country Office = TIMELY DELIVERY OF FOOD.

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Hq pipeline workshop


ROME 10 - 11 JULY 2002

Pipeline co ordination in wfp


Roles and Responsibilities

Country office
Country Office

  • What?

  • When?

  • Where?


Service providers
Service Providers

  • RE, ODP, MSP, OTS, OTF, OTL and the Bureau

    • Support to the Country Office


How everybody is linked to each other
How everybody is linked to each other?

  • Who is in contact with whom?

  • Who do you need to keep informed?

  • Who you don’t need to keep informed?

  • Know your responsibilities, but don’t be afraid of asking if you don’t know.


In details who is who

IN DETAILS - Who is who?

Country Office Pipeline Focal Point (PFP)

1. Communicates the food requirements as established by the Country Office Programming Unit, under supervision of the Country Director.

2. Issues Resource Requests (RRs) - (the call forward, when funded). If WINGS is not operational at CO level, the BO will raise it for the CO.


3. Informs Bureau Pipeline Officer of food requirements, stock positions (through COMPAS when possible) and their respective call forward schedules on regular basis and when requested.

4. Develops the country office commodity pipeline strategy and call-forward plan.


5. Contacts and follows up with ODP without delay, copying BPO, should the call-forward schedule or programmed commodity needs change.

Liaises with BPO and ODP regarding selection of commodities and delivery corridors.

7. Chairs an inter-departmental working group at the CO level with all Officers concerned with CO pipeline management.


8. Alerts Country Director, BPO, ODP and RE when projects experience shortfall or over-subscriptions.

9. Informs BPO of changes in food requirements.

10. Tracks food movements from the point of entry to beneficiaries and prepares pipeline reports.

11. Provides info to BPO regarding the pipeline.


12. Pipeline training activities at CO level. experience shortfall or over-subscriptions.


In details who is who1

IN DETAILS - Who is who? experience shortfall or over-subscriptions.

Bureau Pipeline Officer (BPO)

1. Liaises from the decentralized Bureau with Headquarters Units as well as with PFPs

2. Provides overall regional analysis on pipeline situation for the region to the Bureau Director as required.

3. If WINGS connectivity is not in place, issues RRs

4. Provides assistance to PFP regarding the call forward of food.


5. Advises and facilitates loans, borrowings and swaps in his/her region.

6. Maintains a database to monitor the status of intra-regional loans, borrowings and swaps.

7. Maintains pipeline reports in his/her region

8. Will be responsible for pipeline management training activities.


9.Inter-agency pipeline sharing in his/her region. his/her region.

10. Analyses the annual requirement for development projects with respect to absorption capacity.

11. In the case of sudden complex emergency, provides support to PFP if required by the Bureau Director.

12. Assists in quality control of the reports submitted by the COs.


13. Provides information to RE regarding commodity status of the region upon request of Resources Mobilization Officer copying ODP and the Country Offices.

14. Issues RRs and decides allocations for all regional operations that include more than one country.

15. Posts project specific pipeline reports once a month and upon request to the BB.


In details who is who2

IN DETAILS -Who is who? within his/her region.

RE- Resources Mobilization Officer (RMO)

1. Negotiates with a donors in order to ensure maximum resources to the operation.

2. Confirms contributions in the RMS and sends the summary to the CO, BO and HQ.

3. Prior accepting CLC funds with conditions and/or timeframes, RE should consult with MSP and CO Logistics to ensure that either or both are realistically possible.


4. Keeps the BPO, PFP and ODP informed regarding contributions under negotiation through usual channels of communication and through RMS once made available.

5. Requests global priority lists regarding different operations from ODP. Regarding specific pipeline information, RE will contact directly with CO.


In details who is who3

IN DETAILS -Who is who? contributions under negotiation through usual channels of communication and through RMS once made available.

ODP - Programme Officer

1. Programs the resources according to the needs indicated by the Country Office Pipeline Focal Point and BPO.

2.Allocates multilateral funds as they are available according to global

Operational needs, and in coordination with BPO, Country Directors and MSP.

3. Coordinates pipeline co-ordination with respect to fund management function.


4. Issues PRs to MSP and OTS. ODP/MSP/OTS will consult prior releasing a PR to ensure adequate information on type of procurement (local, regional or international).

5. Updates as needed requested delivery dates of PRs and changes the dates.


6. Responsible for sending confirmed contributions allocation tables to the BPO and PFP regarding each programming made for their respective region.

7. Provides information to RE and senior management on the level of resources flowing to individual operations.


8. Prepares special and global pipeline reports based on project specific reports forwarded by BPO.

9. Co-ordinates inter-regional loans/swaps and ensures that all necessary conditions for loans/swaps are met, including donor concurrence through RE.


In details who s who

IN DETAILS - Who s who? project specific reports forwarded by BPO.

MSP - Procurement Officer

1. In consultation with Bureau and Country Offices decides on whether procurement will be local, regional or international.

2. Issues international tenders for major commodities every two weeks.

3. Advises ODP if requested delivery date cannot be met; ODP then works with PFP and BPO to modify requested delivery dates.


4. MSP also provides ODP with commodity rate, origin of the purchase, type of purchase and geographical availability of various commodities.

5. Provides guidance, support, oversight and approval of local and regional purchases effected through the country offices


In details who is who4

IN DETAILS - Who is who? purchase, type of purchase and geographical availability of various commodities.


1. OT fix vessels as per PO delivery period that is agreed with suppliers (following MSP purchase contract) or set by donor.

2. OTF and OTS will coordinate shipping data (booking/booking confirmation/sailing advice/bill of lading) entry into WINGS.


3. If the PO’s requested delivery date is found unrealistic, OTS must modify the date of the PO, ideally reflecting the ETA.

4. OTS provides estimated transport rates to ODP.

5. Take responsibility for land transport of the food according to the schedule indicated in the PR/PO.

(delegated authority)



QUESTIONS? unrealistic, OTS must modify the date of the PO, ideally reflecting the ETA.