Commercial vehicles intelligent transportation systems
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Commercial Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commercial Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation Systems. a.k.a. CVII, VII, CVISN, E-Screening, Smart Roadside & Other Scary Words!

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Commercial vehicles intelligent transportation systems
Commercial Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation Systems


CVII, VII, CVISN, E-Screening, Smart Roadside


Other Scary Words!

“The Convergence of Real Time Data, Information and Operations - VII”

Rick McDonough, NYSDOT

Office of Safety & Security Services

Transportation agencies have common emphasis areas
Transportation Agencies have Common Emphasis Areas

  • Mobility & System Management:

    Congestion mitigation to maintain mobility and economic vitality

    Improve efficiencies and effectiveness of systems and operations

  • Safety:

    Crash avoidance and reduction of accidents, injuries and deaths

  • Security:

    Protect key assets and support security operations and incident response

Driving forces safety



Driving Forces: Safety


Fatality Rate




Driving forces mobility

Hours of Delay


Added Capacity

Driving Forces: Mobility







Priority Emphasis: Freight Trucks are here…more are coming

Trucks Per Year

2005 and 2035

(Global Insight for AASHTO)

Major Truck-Freight Bottlenecks


(CS for FHWA)

National Highway System (FHWA)

Problem Statement

With current and projected growth in vehicle trips:

  • Need to improve safety, mobility, security and economic vitality across the entire transportation network

  • Need to leverage (significant) existing investments

  • Need smarter integration of elements - vehicles, driver, cargo, infrastructure, data, and roadside activities

  • Need to better manage transportation system including cross-agency coordination

  • Need Commercial and Transit Vehicles prioritized and integrated in ITS initiatives

Potential solution next generation of its vehicle infrastructure integration vii
Potential Solution: Next Generation of ITS – Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

  • Uses Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) – same as E-Z Pass! (915MHz transponder based toll collection system using roadside readers)

  • 5.9GHz technology – high speed, high capacity, secure data transmission

  • Can be integrated into control systems of vehicle

  • Allows high speed, high capacity, secure data communication between vehicles and to/from roadside to vehicles

Current concept of vii
Current Infrastructure Integration (VII)! Concept of VII

OBE – On Board Equipment

RSU – Road Side Unit

DSRC @ 5.9 GHZ



Network Management Center

OEMs, Private Companies, Subscription Services

Private Sector Content Providers

Public Sector

Vii can enable a wide range of applications

Safety Examples Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

Lane/Road Departure

Road Condition Warning

Emergency Electronic Brake Lights

In-vehicle signing

Intersection collision avoidance

Parking availability

Mobility Examples

Probe Data

Travel Time

Electronic Payment

Incident Data

VII Can Enable a Wide Range of Applications

National vii initiative lacks cvo input

Existing Government and Industry Policy makers Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

National VII Initiative Lacks CVO Input

VII National Coalition

VII National Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

VII National Working Group




(MI, MN, CA, FL, WA, etc.)

VII-C and other OEMs

(Ford, DCX, Nissan, Honda, BMW, VW, GM, Toyota, etc.)*

Commercial & Transit Vehicles need to be added!

Vii and 5 9 ghz dsrc in action
VII and 5.9 GHz DSRC in Action Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

A car speeding toward a red light receives a safety alert.

Others are warned that it is suddenly braking.

NO PLANSto make this work with Trucks or Busses

A disabled car and tow truck transmit hazard warnings to approaching passenger vehicles (only!).

Driving forces safety1

42,643 Infrastructure Integration (VII)!


Driving Forces: Safety


We have the

opportunity to change the trend!

Fatality Rate

V I I D e p l o y m e n t




Driving forces mobility1

We have the Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

opportunityto create a turning point!

Hours of Delay


Added Capacity

Driving Forces: Mobility

ITS D e p l o y m e n t







2008 its world congress
2008 ITS World Congress Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

  • Javitts Center, Manhattan

  • November 16-20, 2008

  • Three VII Corridors

    - Manhattan Local Streets (NYCDOT)

    - Long Island Expressway (NYSDOT)

    - Spring Valley Corridor (Suffern to Tappan Zee Bridge) (NYSTA in partnership w/NYSDOT, NYSBA & MTA)

New concept of vii w cvii
New Infrastructure Integration (VII)!Concept of VII W/CVII!

OBE – On Board Equipment

RSU – Road Side Unit

DSRC @ 5.9 GHZ



Network Management Center

OEMs, Private Companies, Subscription Services

Public Sector

Vii coverage spring valley corridor
VII Coverage – Spring Valley Corridor Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

  • Potential 14 sites covering 13 miles

  • Coverage between each interchange link

  • Average density: .9 miles

  • Greatest distance between sites: 1.7 miles

  • Least distance between sites: .6 miles

Commercial vehicle infrastructure integration cvii
Commercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (CVII) Infrastructure Integration (VII)!

  • Objective(s): Utilizing the most advanced communications technologies, exchange real-time information between the roadside and commercial vehicles to improve safety and mobility

    • Field-demonstrate CVII-based capabilities through a permanently deployed 13-mile test site on the NYS Thruway Authority Corridor during 2008 World Congress

    • Initiate commercial vehicle communication

      development to be included in the national

      VII effort

  • Approved I-95 Funding: $750,000

I 95 corridor coalition year 15 priority project recommendation
I-95 Corridor Coalition: Year 15 Priority Project Recommendation

  • Commercial Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (CVII)

    • Utilizing DSRC communications technologies to exchange real-time information between the roadside and commercial vehicles to improve safety, security and mobility

    • Initiate and advance CV Manufacturers VII vehicle based development to “catch up” with VIIC

    • Develop and integrate software to allow CV vehicles to communicate with roadside system (and to passenger vehicles!)

Importance of the Effort Recommendation

  • Critical to the national transportation goals of safety, security & mobility that CV be in VII Initiative “box”

  • The investment in, and benefits from, VII & ITS can only be maximized if the most critical vehicles types (CV, Transit) in terms of facility design, safety, security risk, infrastructure maintenance & economic benefits are included

Nysta nysdot i 95 cvii program
NYSTA, NYSDOT & I-95 CVII Program Recommendation

  • Modifying existing infrastructure and communications for 13 mile VII corridor with 4 additional sites (NYSDOT, NYSTA, NYSBA)

  • Develop CV vehicle system and software to build upon existing VII efforts, I-95 NC/NCHP/Volvo Truck Project and FMCSA’s Wireless Vehicle Safety Inspection Project

  • Test Wireless CV Driver I.D and Verification (TWIC, Biometrics)

  • Test Wireless Vehicle Safety Inspection Information (brake condition, tire pressure, light status, etc.)

  • Goal: Complete work by October 2008

i RecommendationCone – Real Time GPS and Speed Monitoring Traffic Barrelfrom Calmar Telematics

  • A simple idea made possible through modern technology

    • - Communicates/Delineates Work Zone or Incident locations in Real Time

    • - Provides Traffic Monitoring Information




In-Vehicle Display and Annunciation



RSU on Control Channel

Flashing Arrow

Grass Divider

Work Zone

Micro Zone

Work Zone Warning Com. Zone


Real Time Location &

Speed Monitoring

up to 1100 ft range

Standard Traffic Cone

Not to Scale