photon systems update
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Photon Systems Update

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Photon Systems Update. John Arthur SLAC Photon Systems Manager. Photon Systems. Includes LCLS x-ray and laser groups X-ray Transport, Optics and Diagnostics (XTOD) managed by LLNL ( Richard Bionta ) X-ray Endstation Systems (XES) managed by SLAC ( Stefan Moeller ) Laser Systems

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photon systems update

Photon Systems Update

John Arthur

SLAC Photon Systems Manager

photon systems
Photon Systems

Includes LCLS x-ray and laser groups

  • X-ray Transport, Optics and Diagnostics (XTOD)
    • managed by LLNL (Richard Bionta)
  • X-ray Endstation Systems (XES)
    • managed by SLAC (Stefan Moeller)
  • Laser Systems
    • managed by SLAC (Bill White)

XTOD Scope

  • Transport the x-ray beam, in vacuum, to all the experimental stations
  • Condition the x-ray beam, with attenuators and apertures
  • Analyze the x-ray beam, with sophisticated diagnostics

XES Scope

The X-Ray Endstation Systems group provides the infrastructure required for experimenters to make best scientific use of the LCLS radiation safely. Includes advanced x-ray detector R&D.


Laser Group Scope

The Laser group coordinates laser design and acquisition throughout the LCLS. Lasers will be used in the electron gun and x-ray experimental areas, and also possibly for accelerator diagnostics and alignment.


LUSI Project Scope

LCLS Ultrafast Science Instruments is a distinct DOE project closely coordinated with LCLS. It will build 4 science instruments which will occupy LCLS x-ray hutches. This will enable work in three of the LCLS Science Thrust Areas: X-ray pump-probe dynamics, Coherent x-ray imaging, and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. The project is ramping up, with major funding expected in FY2007.


X-Ray Systems Status

  • FY2006 is a design year
    • XTOD designs are undergoing reviews now
    • XES designs ready for review in a few months
  • FY 2007 is a build year
  • Ready for installation starting August 2007
  • Ready for first light in Spring 2008
recent events
Recent Events
  • FAC Oct 2005 Recommendations
    • Coordinate with experiment teams
    • Make x-ray mirror design a priority
    • Don’t cut flipper mirrors or move FEH
  • LCLS actions
    • Coordinating with LUSI
    • Mirror optics design underway
    • Had to cut flipper mirrors and move FEH


Hutch 1


Hutch 3

Hutch 2

Flipper Mirrors


Reduced scope FEH design



single beamline

46ft tunnel

Hutch 4

Hutch 5

Hutch 6

19ft tunnel


other cuts
Other Cuts
  • Some XTOD diagnostics
    • Not needed for commissioning, expect to add as part of operations
  • Some XES generic detectors
    • Expect that LUSI will provide experiment-specific detectors
  • XES support for generic computers for experiments
    • Expect that LUSI will provide experiment-specific computers
other developments for xtod
Other Developments for XTOD
  • New Physics Liaison: Peter Stefan
  • Revised work plan incorporating cuts
  • Designs moving through review stage

Gas attenuator prototype


Beam transport

other developments for xes
Other Developments for XES
  • New hires
    • John Bozek, AMO physicist
    • Niels van Bakel, Detector physicist
  • Revised work plan incorporating cuts
  • 2d x-ray detector development program on schedule
  • Working closely with upgraded LCLS Controls Group

LUSI Progress

  • Jerry Hastings is now Project Director
  • Initial hiring taking place
    • Nadine Kurita, Chief Engineer
    • Bill Foyt, Project Manager
  • Working closely with XES and XTOD groups to develop an optimal layout for experiments

Better Beam-Splitting Plan

LCLS and LUSI are working on an updated beam-splitting plan, and a way will be found to implement it

This includes not only splitting of the beam to the FEH, but also splitting into a soft x-ray line and hard x-ray line in the NEH

Will allow quicker changes between experiments

Has become possible as experiment designs are beginning to crystallize





X-ray pump-probe

soft x-ray line

hard x-ray line

Flipper Mirrors




Coherent x-ray imaging

High energy density science

  • Cuts have been made, but not too drastic
  • Design effort underway
  • LUSI is beginning to help