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Physics class
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Physics Class. With Mr. Wick. The study of energy and it’s interaction with matter In other words ….. Everything is Physics!. What is Physics?. The laws and principles of physics govern the entire universe, from atoms to stars A new perspective of the everyday world can be attained

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Physics Class

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Physics class

Physics Class

With Mr. Wick

What is physics

The study of energy and it’s interaction with matter

In other words …..

Everything is Physics!

What is Physics?

Why study physics

The laws and principles of physics govern the entire universe, from atoms to stars

A new perspective of the everyday world can be attained

Is it magic? or science?

Why Study Physics?

Topics to be studied


Scientific notation

Significant Figures

Metric system and conversions

1-d Kinematic motion


2-d Kinematic motion


Newton’s laws










Topics to be Studied

Majors in college




Forensic Science






Majors in College



  • Research / Development

    • Crime

    • Energy

    • Invention

    • Medicine

    • Transportation

    • Military

  • Education

    • Teacher

    • Professor

Tips for success in physics


Equation sheet

Letter meaning

Capitol vs. lowercase letters

Sign convention


Significant figures

Clear handwriting

Baby steps

Tips for Success in Physics

Tips for success in physics1

Solid math skills

Study for tests

Do not fall behind

Make connections

Do extra credit

Behave in class

Record all Warm-ups

Ask for help if necessary

Attend connection period

Practice, practice, practice!

Do your Homework!

Tips for Success in Physics

Steps to solve any physics problem baby steps

Read the problem very carefully

List your “knowns” with correct units

Choose an appropriate equation

Plug and Chug

List Final answer using

-Correct Units and Significant Figures

Point Value (5 total)

List knowns (1pt)

Write Equation (1pt)

Show correct math work (1pt)

Correct Final answer-numerically (1pt)

Final answer with appropriate units and significant figures (1pt)

Steps to Solve any Physics Problem (baby steps)


Mostly based on test grades

Some Homework

Warm-up notebooks


Extra credit


Tests 100 pts

Mostly math-based word problems

Some multiple choice

Some fill-in-the-blank

Partial credit assigned to word problems

Practice test for every exam

Make-up exams within a week of return to classes

One sheet of notes allowed on tests

Occasional CRTs

Not for a grade

Tests (100 pts)

Homework 10 25 pts

Most homework is NOT graded

Random homework will be collected throughout the year for credit

Late Policy:

Accepted up to 2 days after due for full credit

No credit after 2 days

Homework (10 – 25 pts)

Labs 10 30 pts

Work according to safety rules

Follow all procedures correctly

Stay on task (participation points)

Lab write-ups required for most labs

Make-up labs due by next connection period

Labs (10-30 pts)

Warm ups 50 pts

Warm-ups (50 pts)

  • At the beginning of almost every class, a warm-up question will be on the side board

  • Paraphrase the warm-up question in your notebook with your complete answer

  • Notebooks will be collected and graded throughout the year

Participation 1 25 pts

Participation (1-25 pts)

  • Participation points will be given randomly throughout the year

    • Working effectively

    • Paying attention during videos

    • Working well with lab group

    • Asking questions

Extra credit 1 20 pts

Volunteer to solve and describe problems on board

Special physics related projects

1 page Summary of recent physics related article with copy of article

Random questions

Extra Credit (1 -20 pts)

A typical day in physics class

Preview of day on front board

Warm-up question on side board

Review of prior homework, tests, etc.

Lecture using power point

Preview next class

A Typical Day in Physics Class

Mr wick

Western Illinois University – Physics




Renewable energy and conservation

Vintage bicycles, motorcycles, and other antiques


Mr. Wick

In the end

In the End

  • Work hard and practice

  • Stay organized (baby steps and equation sheet)

  • Do all homework and labs showing complete work

  • Mutual respect

  • Ask questions

  • Spark an interest

  • Enjoy the class!

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