Support Roundtable: The Raiser s Edge 7.91 Overview and QA Customer Support Live QA

Support Roundtable: The Raiser s Edge 7.91 Overview and QA Customer Support Live QA PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Support Roundtable: The Raiser\'s Edge 7.91 Overview and Q - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Support Roundtable: The Raiser s Edge 7.91 Overview and QA Customer Support Live QA

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1. Support Roundtable: The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 Overview and Q&A Customer Support Live Q&A Thank you for attending today’s session. We will begin the presentation at approximately 2:02 EST. A copy of this presentation will be provided via email, and can also be downloaded via the LiveMeeting. If you have a question during the session please: Click Q & A on the toolbar Type your question in the box Click Ask Please share this presentation with all users at your organization.

2. Support Roundtable: The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 Overview and Q&A January 14, 2010 Presenters: Laurel Kenerson & Jennifer Murphy, Product Support Leads – Fundraising Solutions The presentation consists of several sections. We will compile questions during each section and answer them in an open Q & A at the end. To ask a question in Live Meeting: Click Q & A on the toolbar Type your question in the box Click Ask As a courtesy to other participants, all phone lines are muted. Please share this presentation with all users at your organization.

3. Today’s Agenda PA DSS Compliance Blackbaud Payment Service Planning for the Update Credit Card Changes Password Changes Downloading the Update Installing the Update Other Software Enhancements NetSolutions Questions and Answers

4. PA DSS Compliance The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 is compliant with Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). For more information about PCI DSS compliance, visit General information regarding PCI DSS, including a PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire, can be found at

5. Blackbaud Payment Service The Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS) integrates with PA-DSS compliant versions of The Raiser's Edge, NetSolutions, Blackbaud NetCommunity, and Blackbaud Enterprise CRM. BBPS makes it possible to adhere to PCI-DSS and still process electronic transactions. Full credit card numbers are no longer visible in the software applications - full credit card numbers are stored in BBPS. In each application, credit card numbers are replaced with reference tokens. When credit card transactions are processed, the software application connects to the BBPS service. The reference token in your database will summon the stored credit card number to be used in the transaction. For more information about BBPS, review our BBPS FAQs.

6. Planning for the Update Involve all users at your organization and review System Recommendations The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 changes the way credit cards are stored in your database.  This update removes full credit card numbers from the database and stores them in the BBPS.  After the update, you will only see the last 4 digits of the credit card number on constituent and gift records. Organizations that use IATS or ICVerify to authorize can continue processing as normal if they use to use BBPS. Organizations that authorize credit cards by printing or exporting credit card data will be unable to do so after updating to 7.91.  You can create an account with IATS or ICVerify to enable credit card processing in version 7.91, or stay on your current version. If you stay on your current version (7.85 or lower), contact a Qualified Security Assessor for advice on how to secure your credit card data and authorize credit card transactions in accordance with PCI DSS. If you are on version 7.81 or lower you must update to The Raiser's Edge 7.85 before 7.91.

7. Credit Card Changes Credit card numbers appear in the following places: Bio 2 tab, Gift record, Constituent and Gift batch, and United Way pledge card. During the update to 7.91, credit card numbers from these places are transferred to the BBPS if the credit card is less than 60 days expired. Credit card numbers for one-off (non-recurring) donations and credit cards with no expiration date are not stored in BBPS. After the update to version 7.91, credit card numbers are truncated. Truncated credit card numbers appear with either asterisks or question marks i.e. (************2468) or (????????????2468). Credit cards with asterisks are tokenized, with the full number stored in BBPS. Credit cards with question marks are truncated and not stored in BBPS. Users can NO LONGER view, print, or export full credit card numbers.

8. Password Changes Enter password in all capital letters - after the update all users must enter their password in all capital letters (e.g., "PASSWORD1" instead of "password1").  After logging in, users can change their passwords by selecting Edit, Change Password. New passwords are case-sensitive, must contain both letters and numbers, and be a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of 33. If users don’t update their password they must continue entering their old password in all capital letters. Read more about password changes. Optionally force Users to change passwords – optional feature to force users to change their password every X days. With this feature, users are notified Y days before the password expires. Setup in Config, Business Rules, System Access Options. Account Lockout Options – how many times a user can enter an incorrect password before their account is locked. Specify how long a user must wait to attempt to login again if locked out. Setup in Config, Business Rules, System Access options.

9. Downloading the Update Go to to download the update. After selecting to download the update you must accept or decline the changes in this version. At the bottom of the downloads page there are two options: A) Agree to the changes (store credit card numbers in BBPS and go to BBPS sign-up page). You are prompted to create a BBPS account.  Make note of the account details; the first user that logs into the updated database will need to enter the account details.  After creating the BBPS account, you will be able to download the update. B) Decline the changes (won’t use BBPS and will delete credit cards and download the update). If you choose not to use BBPS, you will be able to download The Raiser's Edge 7.91 without creating a BBPS account.  For more information, review Knowledgebase solution BB620498. If you do not use BBPS, The Raiser's Edge deletes all credit card data from the database.  Your organization will no longer be able to enter, store, process, or transmit credit cards in The Raiser's Edge.

10. Installing the Update Before installing the update, we recommend you back up the database. The first user to log into the database after installing the update receives a prompt that ‘Database Update Required’. Database Revisions start processing…….

11. Installing the Update cont. The user is prompted to use BBPS to store credit card data or delete credit card data from the database. This prompt appears only once for the first user who logs into the database. Select Yes to store credit card information in the BBPS. Enter your BBPS username and password and, if applicable, the Security Token for ICVerify and click OK. Select No to delete all credit card numbers in The Raiser’s Edge. If you do not use BBPS, The Raiser's Edge deletes all credit card data from the database.  Your organization will no longer be able to enter, store, process, or transmit credit cards in The Raiser's Edge. You can later decide to use the BBPS to store credit card information by creating a BBPS account and entering it in Config, General.

12. Installing the Update cont. • If you use BBPS to store credit card numbers, you will receive the prompt: Is this a test conversion?  Select Yes only if you are updating the database in a test environment. Your credit card numbers will be temporarily stored in BBPS and deleted after 14 days. • If this is not a test conversion, click No.

13. Other Software Enhancements Inactivity Lockout – The Raiser’s Edge automatically locks users out of the software after 15 minutes of inactivity.  When the user re-logs into The Raiser’s Edge, they continue what they were previously working on. If a user is locked out, current processes (Reports, Mailings, Exports, etc.) continue to run, and a user license is still used. This feature was implemented to comply with PCI DSS rule 8.5.15, which states "If a session has been idle for more than 15 minutes, require the user to re-enter the password to reactivate the terminal." You can view this rule and the rest of the PCI compliance rules at For organizations that use Windows Authentication, users will still experience the inactivity lockout. The workstation will lock, when user log into the workstation they will automatically be back in Raiser's Edge. This feature can be turned off for non-Supervisor users only. A Supervisor is a user who either logs in using the Supervisor account, has Supervisor rights, or belongs to a user group with rights to Admin > Security. This feature is not optional for Supervisors. If users or the Supervisor are having problems logging in as a result of these changes, click here. Query Folders - Drag and Drop. Users can now click on and drag a query and drop it into one of their ‘favorite’ folders. SQL Server 2008 Compatibility – The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 is compatible with SQL Server 2008 (also compatible with SP1). SQL Server 2000 and 2005 are still supported. Windows 7 – The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 is compatible with the Windows 7 operating system. link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705

14. Other Software Enhancements cont. Export Specific Attribute Descriptions – Users can export specific attribute descriptions if the attribute data type is a table. For example, in your database you may have an Interests constituent attribute; this has values of golf, soccer, football, baseball, etc. Currently when exporting this value, you can specify how many values to export, but you can’t select which to export (maybe I only want the value of golf to export). Now, users can select which value(s) they would like to export. This is for Table data type attributes only. It doesn’t make sense to have this feature for Text, Date, Number, etc attribute data types. link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705

15. Changes to NetSolutions Organizations that accept Recurring Credit Card donations must update to version 7.91 to continue downloading credit card numbers. •   One-time credit card gifts download into The Raiser’s Edge, but the full credit card number is not stored in BBPS.  The credit card number displays as (????????????2468). •    Recurring Credit Card gifts download into The Raiser’s Edge and the full credit card number is stored in BBPS.  The number appears as (************2468), which enables you to charge future transactions for the recurring gift. If you stay on your current version of The Raiser’s Edge, you will no longer download credit card numbers.  The credit card number field will be blank in The Raiser’s Edge.  This means if you accept Recurring Credit Card donations, you will not be able to charge future transactions because you will not have the credit card number. link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705

16. The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 FAQs How to download and install The Raiser's Edge 7.91: BB620498 What is the Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS)? BB548354 How to register for Blackbaud Payment Service (BBPS): BB616496 How are credit card numbers stored in The Raiser's Edge 7.91: BB617936 What happens to credit card numbers that are entered in The Raiser's Edge 7.91? BB613095 Is there a charge associated with the Blackbaud Payment Service? BB620584 If I choose not to use BBPS, can we ever store credit card information? BB618297 Error: Is this a test conversion when updating to 7.91: BB620504 Error: The Raiser's Edge can not connect to the Blackbaud Payment Service. For the secure storage of new or edited credit card number information, the Raiser's Edge requires a connection to Blackbaud Payment Service. Please check your internet connection: BB616676 Credit card number blank when downloading transactions: BB620582 Error: The Raiser's Edge has detected that your NetSolutions account information has not yet been updated to use Blackbaud Payment Service. To all the Blackbaud Payment Service to retrieve credit card information for NetSolutions transactions, you must resubmit your NetSolutions configuration to the server: BB620516 What is the time limit before a user is logged out of The Raiser's Edge due to inactivity? BB620558 What are the new password changes to version 7.91: BB608912 link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705link: Non production - BB461990 VM - BB520705

17. Support Roundtable: Q&A

18. Having problems logging in? How to reset the Supervisor password Attempt to login using the Supervisor password in ALL CAPS If this does not work, download and have the Primary Raiser’s Edge contact at your organization complete the password reset authorization form. Note: To determine your organization’s primary contact, click your name at the top of any Blackbaud web page. The primary contact will be listed. Create a case, including solution number BB103119, to request a utility to reset the Supervisor password. Fax the completed form to 843-216-6100 (RE Support), referencing your case number on the cover sheet. A customer support analyst will email you the utility for resetting the Supervisor password to admin. Note: If your database is hosted by Blackbaud, we will email you to provide you with the password. How to unlock user accounts after being locked out Log into The Raiser’s Edge as Supervisor or a user with Supervisor rights Go to Admin > Security Open the affected user Unmark the ‘Account is locked out’ checkbox Save and close the user

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