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Welcome to the Support Roundtable for DBAs. Presenter: David Johnson, Technical and Installation Product Support Lead Moderator: Willow Schultz, Education Solutions Product Support Lead

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Welcome to the Support Roundtable for DBAs

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Welcome to the support roundtable for dbas l.jpg

Welcome to the Support Roundtable for DBAs

  • Presenter: David Johnson, Technical and Installation Product Support Lead

    • Moderator: Willow Schultz, Education Solutions Product Support Lead

  • The presentation consists of 5 sections. We will compile your questions during each section and answer them in an open Q & A after each section.

    • To ask a question in Live Meeting:

      • Click Q & A on the toolbar

      • Type your question in the box

      • Click Ask

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What Every Blackbaud DBA Ought to Know

What Every Blackbaud Database Administrator Ought to Know

Support Roundtable

September 30, 2009

David Johnson – MCTS, OCP

What are my responsibilities l.jpg

What are my responsibilities?

  • Implementation, updates, and patches

  • Database maintenance

  • Backing up and restoring

  • Troubleshooting

Implementation l.jpg


Implementation application server l.jpg

Implementation – Application Server

  • Installed Components

    • SQL Server 2005 Express

      • It is the free edition of SQL Server packaged with current software releases

        • Not packaged with The Patron Edge

      • Express has limitations, so it may not meet your organization’s needs:

        • 1 GB RAM

        • 1 CPU

        • 4 GB database size limit

      • Application Install check for installed versions of SQL Server

        • SQL Server 2005 Express is not installed if a supported version is detected

        • Check the System Requirements for supported versions

          • Support for SQL Server 2000 ends March 31, 2010

    • Blackbaud Management Console (BMC)

      • Easy to use tool to manage all your Blackbaud application databases

    • Client components

    • Deploy folder

Installing and updating application server l.jpg

Installing and Updating – Application Server

  • Download the software installation package from downloads.blackbaud.com

  • Back up all your databases

  • Install from the download on your Application Server

    • Follow the prompts to determine the application and Deploy folder installation location (new installation only)

    • During an update you are not prompted for install locations. The installer package will automatically update the correct locations.

  • Create or Attach your database

    • Not necessary during an update

  • Log into the database

  • Share the Deploy folder

    • Must be shared to all users

    • Users must have Read and Execute Permissions

    • Users must be able to access Deploy folder at each login

Slide7 l.jpg


Installing and updating workstations l.jpg

Installing and Updating – Workstations

  • Installing

    • Log into the workstation with local administrator rights

    • Browse to the Deploy folder

      • Example: \\David03\REDeploy

      • Run Setup.exe from the Deploy folder

    • This installs:

      • All necessary prerequisites

      • Connection information to the database

      • Client components

    • Grant users local admin rights or necessary permissions

  • Updating

    • Log into the workstation with local administrator rights

    • Make sure the user has Read and Execute permissions to the Deploy folder

    • Launch application as normal

    • The user will be prompted to run the update

Patching l.jpg


  • Server

    • Download the patch from downloads.blackbaud.com and save on the server

    • Back up all your databases

    • Run the patch executable on your application server

    • Log into the application on the server to update the database

  • Workstations

    • Log into the workstation as a user with local administrator rights and rights to the Deploy folder

    • Run the application as normal

    • User will be prompted to install the patch

Updates and patches plan ahead l.jpg

Updates and Patches - Plan Ahead

  • Testing\Planning

    • How long will the update take?

    • Will the install interfere with other software (has it been tested)?

    • Will the update conflict with mission critical business?

    • Does your server meet the new system requirements?

    • Are user ready for the new features or changes?

  • How to test

    • One license for a Non-Production Environment

    • Installs like a normal Application Server

    • Attach a copy of your most recent backup

    • Test environment

      • Separate server

      • Virtual Machine

Slide11 l.jpg


Database maintenance and the bmc l.jpg

Database Maintenance and the BMC

Database maintenance and the bmc13 l.jpg

Database Maintenance and the BMC

Database maintenance and the bmc14 l.jpg

Database Maintenance and the BMC

Slide15 l.jpg


Backups l.jpg


  • Creating a complete and sound backup policy is the DBA’s most important responsibility

  • Recommendations for a complete backup policy

    • What should be backed up?

      • All Blackbaud databases

      • Other important files (media objects, exports, letters, etc…)

      • Other application databases

    • At what frequency should the data be backed up?

      • Manual backups should be run before any major changes on the server or in the database

        • Updates to your Blackbaud application

        • Updates to SQL Server

        • Global changes in the software application

Backups17 l.jpg


  • Recommendations for a complete backup policy (con’t)

    • Schedule Blackbaud database backups

      • Using the BMC

    • Schedule server backups to external media using a third party applications

    • Secure backups in a secure off-site location

    • Testing your backups

      • Checks the backup integrity

      • Trains you on restoring so you are prepared

    • Setup a retention policy

      • Grandfather-Father-Son

Slide18 l.jpg


Troubleshooting what can you do l.jpg

Troubleshooting – what can you do?

  • Narrow down the problem by asking questions

    • Does the issue occur on multiple workstations?

    • Does the issue occur for another Windows account? Application account?

    • Does the issue occur for a local administrator?

    • Does the issue occur in the sample database?

    • Does the issue occur on the server?

    • Does the issue occur in a test environment (if available)?

Common troubleshooting steps l.jpg

Common troubleshooting steps

  • Reset the registry

    • A plug-in in The Financial Edge, The Education Edge, and Blackbaud Student Information System

  • Uninstall and reinstall the application

    • Avoid this on the server

  • Repair the Deploy folder

  • Set the appropriate permissions

    • Run Process Monitor

  • Rename the BBUpdate.ini file on the workstation

  • Detach and reattach the database

Troubleshooting how can we help l.jpg

Troubleshooting – how can we help?

  • Available Resources

    • Knowledgebase

    • User Guides

    • Inside the Edge – A Technical Blog for DBAs

    • User forums

    • F1

    • Case Central

    • Phone support

      • 1-800-468-8996

Slide22 l.jpg


Appendix implementation l.jpg

Appendix - Implementation

  • How to install or update

    • The Raiser’s Edge - BB202814

    • The Financial Edge - BB273248

    • The Education Edge - BB132284

    • Blackbaud Student Information System - BB355724

    • The Patron Edge - BB199880

  • How to install the patch

    • The Raiser’s Edge - BB100349

    • The Financial Edge - BB104079

    • The Education Edge - BB104079

    • Blackbaud Student Information System - BB104079

    • The Patron Edge - BB222951

Appendix implementation24 l.jpg

Appendix - Implementation

  • Knowledgebase Resources

    • What are the differences among SQL Server editions? - BB95014

    • When will Blackbaud stop supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with its products? - BB592364

    • How to make a backup and restore from or test the backup - BB52243

    • How to create a new database or add an additional database - BB110685

    • How to attach a database to the Blackbaud Management Console - BB95152

    • How to share files or folders and modify share permissions - BB43473

    • How to check for and grant local administrative rights to a user - BB10978

    • What NTFS rights are required to run The Financial Edge, The Education Edge or The Raiser's Edge 7 - BB50354

    • How to install a non-production (test) database - BB461990

    • Does Blackbaud support VMWare or Virtual PC solutions? - BB520705

Appendix implementing a web server l.jpg

Appendix – Implementing a Web Server

  • Web Applications

    • The Education Edge and Blackbaud Student Information System – FAWEB, NetClassroom

    • The Raiser’s Edge – RE:Anywhere

    • The Financial Edge – WebPortal

  • Install Internet Information Services (IIS)

    • Windows Server 2003 – IIS 6

    • Windows Server 2008 – IIS 7

      • RE:Anywhere is not supported on Windows Server 2008

  • Install client components like a workstation

    • Client version should match the Web Application version

  • Download the Web Application from downloads.blackbaud.com

  • Install the application

    • FAWEB

    • NetClassroom

    • WebPortal

Appendix database maintenance l.jpg

Appendix – Database Maintenance

  • How to attach a database - BB95152

  • How to detach a database - BB96700

  • How to find the Deploy Kit - BB120314

  • How to rebuild the indexes and database in SQL Server - BB120081

  • How to run Update Statistics - BB137060

  • How to shrink the database from the BMC - BB118784

  • How to check the integrity of Blackbaud databases - BB124664

  • How to move the SQL Server database to a new location on the same server - BB113761

  • How to schedule database maintenance in the BMC - BB114908

Appendix backups end of support for sql 2000 l.jpg

Appendix – Backups\End of support for SQL 2000

  • What is the recommended backup schedule? - BB291

  • How to back up the database with the BMC - BB94455

  • SQL Server Backup Overview

  • Inside the Edge – Backups and Recovery, Part 1

  • Inside the Edge – Backup and Recovery, Part 2 - Testing your Backups

  • End of Support for SQL Server 2000

    • BB592364

    • Inside the Edge - End of Support for SQL 2000 and What it Means to You

Appendix q a l.jpg

Appendix – Q&A

  • Installing Patches without Administrator Rights

    • Set the AllowLockdownPatch system policy

  • Setting up Maintenance Plans using SQL Server tools

    • Maintenance Plans

    • Maintenance Plan Wizard

    • Maintenance Tasks

  • PCI Compliance

  • Installing a Test Environment

  • Login