Community Engaged Research Workshop
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Problem Solving to Better Serve Your Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Engaged Research Workshop. Problem Solving to Better Serve Your Community. Workshop Goal & Objectives.

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Problem Solving to Better Serve Your Community

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Problem solving to better serve your community

Community Engaged Research Workshop

Problem Solving to Better Serve Your Community

Workshop goal objectives

Workshop Goal & Objectives

Goal: To explore the concept of community engaged research, its principles, and benefits it has for empowering participants to return to their communities and increase the effectiveness of community-university relationships.


By the end of the workshop you should be able to:

  • Describe research and the principles of community engaged research in a relevant and meaningful way to your Indiana community constituents.

  • Explain how participating in research can help organizations better serve their community to improve the health of Indiana citizens.

  • Identify the roles and responsibilities needed in order to develop successful community-university partnerships.

  • Identify resources and contact available to assist you in developing and maintaining community-university partnerships, including the role of Indiana CTSI CHEP.



John has a 18 year old son Tim who is ready to begin looking at colleges. Tim is currently undecided about his major, but has interests in social work. Tim has a part-time job as a bank teller. If you were John, what would you do to help Tim make a decision about college and his future career?

What is research

What is Research?

What types of research answer what types of questions

What types of research answer what types of questions?

What types of research answer what types of questions1

What types of research answer what types of questions?

Elevator speech

Elevator Speech

Your community organization is participating in a research project that will improve the health of your community constituents and you need their participation. In 30 seconds to 2 minutes what and how would you communicate to your community about the benefits of participating in research.

Groups of 3 will practice by having each person take a turn presenting his/her elevator speech while the others observe. A few minutes later ask them what they remember and think. Revise and keep practicing.

Benefits of participation in research

Benefits of Participation in Research

Case study questions

Case Study Questions

  • What are the benefits to the community organization?

  • What are alternative steps they could have taken or could be used to conduct the project?

  • What strategies were used or will be used to engaged the community?

  • What alternative mechanisms/tools could have been or could be used to engage the community?

  • What are the strengths/weaknesses of these tools/mechanisms and strategies that were used or will be used?

Resource questions

Resource Questions

  • Resources & Contacts you know of

  • Resources & Contacts you would like to work with or don’t know/have

Ctsi chep resources

CTSI & CHEP Resources

  • Collaboration Opportunities

  • Education & Training

  • Access to Partners

  • Consultation Services

  • Promotion of Community Events

  • Regulatory & Ethics Support

Problem solving to better serve your community

Thank you for attending!

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