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Emergency response plan
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Emergency Response Plan. A Template for Public Drinking Water Systems. Anne G. Powell Capacity Development Section Kentucky Division of Water. April 16, 2013. Levels of Planning. Personal Business Community National. TODAY’S FOCUS.

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Emergency Response Plan

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Emergency response plan

Emergency Response Plan

A Template for Public Drinking Water Systems

Anne G. Powell

Capacity Development Section

Kentucky Division of Water

April 16, 2013

Levels of planning

Levels of Planning

  • Personal

  • Business

  • Community

  • National


Emergency response plan

Everyone should have an Emergency Response Plan.

Every public water system should have an Emergency Response Plan.

What do we need to do to create an ERP for our water system?

Emergency response plan





Step 1 prepare

Step 1: Prepare

DOW & KIA made this step easy for you…

Introducing the new easy to use template

Introducing… the new easy-to-use template!

Screen shot of the cover page.

Section 1

Section 1

Internal Chain of Command

  • List of personnel

  • Order of Importance

  • Make sure to include:

    • Full Name & Title

    • All contact information

Section 2

Section 2

Emergency Notifications

  • Local Resources

  • Other Resources

  • Adjacent & Interconnected Water Systems

  • Priority Customers

  • Service and Repair Contacts

  • Utility Public Spokesperson

  • Media Contacts

Section 3

Section 3

Basic System Information

  • System Demand and Capacity

  • Location of Pertinent Information

  • Treatment Plant

  • Disinfection Chemicals

  • Other Chemicals

  • Source Information

  • Finished Water Storage

  • Pumps

  • Standby Power Requirements

Section 4

Section 4

Specific Emergency Preparedness


Includes info on how to avoid the emergency or how to get ready for oncoming emergency.


Includes all parts of the PWS that will be affected by the emergency and how damage can be minimized.


Prioritized list of tasks to get PWS back to normal operations.

Section 5

Section 5

Training and Exercise Record

  • Date of training/exercise

  • Description

  • Participants

Section 6

Section 6

Plan Approval Documentation

  • Prepared by:

    • Name

    • Title/Organization

    • Date

  • Officially reviewed, approved and signed by:

    • Name

    • Signature

    • Date



  • Additional Chemical Information

  • Additional Source Information

  • Additional Finished Water Storage Information

  • Additional Pump Information

  • KY Specific Emergency Response Example

  • Key Messages

  • Schematic of Treatment Plant

Step 2 review

Step 2: Review

Form an ERP work group at your PWS. Meet as a group, at least annually, to review the contents of your ERP.

Step 3 update

Step 3: Update

With your ERP work group, update the ERP as needed with each annual review.

Document the revisions in the table at the bottom of the cover page.

Step 4 exercise

Step 4: Exercise

With all involved PWS employees, exercise at least one scenario of the ERP annually.

Document each exercise in Section 5 of the ERP.

The erp template can be found

The ERP template can be found…

  • On the Capacity Development website:

    • http://water.ky.gov/DrinkingWater/Pages/CapDev.aspx

  • On the Kentucky Rural Water Association website:

    • http://www.krwa.org/announcements/is-your-emergency-response-plan-up-to-date/

  • On the KYWARN website:

    • http://www.kywarn.org/news-events/

Anne this erp ordeal still seems difficult to me

“Anne, this ERP ordeal still seems difficult to me.”

You might be thinking,

Don’t stress about it.

Help is on the way!

All you need to do is contact your Capacity Development Program Manager.

Specific emergency preparedness

Specific Emergency Preparedness

Let’s practice together…




Comments and questions

Comments and Questions

Emergency response plan

Thank you for your time.

Anne G. Powell

Capacity Development Program Manager

Kentucky Division of Water


(502) 564-3410

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