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How safe is vaping versus smoking
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In this document,you will encounter facts which will help you in clearing the doubts in between general vaping and traditional smoking.We have discussed all the points regarding how the vape juice is prepared to vape.For more insight,please visit:<br><br>

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How Safe is Vaping in Comparison to Smoking?

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How safe is vaping versus smoking

How Safe is Vaping versus Smoking?

Is It Safe? Examining the Contents of e-Liquid

What is vaping

Vaping is short for vaporizing, and stands for the mechanical act that occurs within e-cigarettes. Through a heating mechanism, an e-cigarette heats up a mixture of glycerin/glycol with flavoring and nicotine, producing a virtually harmless, flavored vapor.

Vaping has become a popular and growing alternative to traditional smoking, and the safety of its e-liquid is largely responsible for that fact.

What is Vaping?

Vegetable glycerin

Pretty much every e-juice blend starts with a base of vegetable glycerin, or VG. This is a food-grade additive found in toothpaste, processed foods and a number of commercial and FDA-approved products. It’s a derivative of fermented plant glucose, or glycerol, and the delivery method for a vape’s flavoring and nicotine.

Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol, or PG, is added and mixed with VG in ratios ranging from 20/80 to 50/50, with the purpose of emulating the harshness of a cigarette’s smoke and the throat hit that you’d feel with a real tobacco cigarette.

It’s also harmless, although some people experience an allergic or uncomfortable reaction with PG vapor, which is why some blends are 100% VG.

Propylene Glycol


The main culprit behind an e-cigarette’s potential health dangers, nicotine is a necessary element to make vaping a viable alternative to smoking, both for smokers who want to continue enjoying nicotine, and for those who want to quit. Nicotine is available in a variety of concentrations.



The final ingredient in a quality e-liquid is the flavoring. It can be artificial or natural, in essence form or solid form, and the right blend of flavoring is what makes every single e-juice perfectly unique and delicious in its own right.


How safe is vaping in comparison to smoking

Thank you for reading!Vaping is a healthier, and safer alternative to smoking – but there’s a lot to making your vaping experience the best possible. Visit us at for more information.

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