The holocaust
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The Holocaust. The Literature. Anti-Semitism : A Brief History. •Definition: prejudice against Jews Social, economic, and political discrimination •In the early Roman empire it was only very rarely that a Jew was granted Roman citizenship. Anti-Semitism : A Brief History.

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The holocaust

The Holocaust

The Literature

Anti semitism a brief history
Anti-Semitism: A Brief History

  • •Definition: prejudice against Jews

    • Social, economic, and political discrimination

  • •In the early Roman empire it was only very rarely that a Jew was granted Roman citizenship

Anti semitism a brief history1
Anti-Semitism: A Brief History

  • •Early Christians blamed all Jews for the crucifiction of Christ

  • •Jews were labled as “Christ Killers”

  • •Label persisted for centuries

  • •Officially repudiated by Vatican II Council in 1964


  • •Prejudice against Jews persisted throughout Europe

  • •Local communities often persecuted Jews

The inquisition
The Inquisition

  • •15th Century Spain put Jews on trial

  • •Jews were

    • forced to convert to Christianity

    • expelled

    • killed

Ghetto laws 1800 s
Ghetto Laws--1800’s

  • •Jews were forced to live in walled off sections of cities

  • •Jews were required to wear badges identifying them as Jews

  • •Jews could not own property or hold public office

Early 1900 s
Early 1900’s

  • •The Rise of Nationalism

    • Unity created by demonizing a common enemy

  • •PsuedoScience

    • Supposedly “Scientific” theories proving Jews and other minorities were inferior to whites

    • Stephen Jay Gould’s reanalysis of skull volume data

A long history hitler did not invent the wheel
A Long History…Hitler did not invent the wheel!

  • •Hitler based his popular support on these centuries of prejudice

  • •His genius was to guide and intensify this prejudice

A stunning fact

6 million Jews were killed in less than ten years during Hitler’s reign...

…more than in all of the centuries of anti-semitism that preceded it!

A Stunning Fact:

Nazi anti semitism
Nazi Anti-Semitism Hitler’s reign...

  • Jewish/Non-Jewish marriage forbidden

  • Jewish Property Seized

  • Concentration Camps

Kristallnacht 1938 things take an uglier turn
Kristallnacht, 1938 Hitler’s reign... --things take an uglier turn

  • •Jewish conspiracy blamed for assassination of minor German official

  • •7500 Jewish businesses destroyed

  • •237 Synagogues were burned

  • •26,000 Jews were arrested, many beaten, 91 died

  • •Jews were fined $400 million for damage done to their own property

The final solution
The Final Solution… Hitler’s reign...

  • Auschwitz and the Death Camps...

  • Factories designed to kill the largest number of people possible as cheaply as possible and as fast as possible

Methods of extermination
Methods of Extermination: Hitler’s reign...

  • Cyanide Gas

  • Carbon Monoxide Gas

  • Machine Guns

  • Flamethrowers

  • Lethal Injections

  • Medical “Experiments”

The ovens the gruesome attempt to hide the evidence
The Ovens… Hitler’s reign...The gruesome attempt to hide the evidence

The literature of the holocaust
The Literature of the Holocaust Hitler’s reign...

The stories of the survivors…

Lest We Forget!

end Hitler’s reign...