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Johannes Deelstra Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands Jordforsk. Modelling in monitored catchments. Experiences from case studies in Norway. SOIL/SOILN_NO in the Skuterud catchment SOILNDB in the Mørdre catchment. Location of catchments in the JOVÅ-programme. North pole.

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Johannes Deelstra

Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands


Modelling in monitored catchments
Modelling in monitored catchments

Experiences from case studies in Norway

SOIL/SOILN_NO in the Skuterud catchment

SOILNDB in the Mørdre catchment

Location of catchments in the JOVÅ-programme

North pole

president Bush


EU, y/n

The skuterud catchment
The Skuterud catchment

In operation since 1993

Land use Area ( ha)

Agricultural area 272

forest area 129

Bogs 10

roads, farms 13

Housing area 25

Total area 449

The m rdre catchment
The Mørdre catchment

In operation since 1991

Land use Area (ha) Agricultural area 444

Forest 192

Bogs 27

Housing area, roads, etc 18

Sum 681

Measurement programme in jov catchments
Measurement programme in JOVÅ-catchments

Discharge measurement

Water sampling and analysis(TDS, Ntot, Ptot)


N,P,SS loss (ha-1)

Measurement programme in JOVÅ-catchments (cont’d)

  • Collection of information on farming practices

    • type of crop

    • fertiliser application

    • yield

    • sowing/harvesting dates

    • type/date of soil tillage

  • In addition

    • soil mapping,

    • profile descriptions

    • additional determinations of soil physical parameters

Simulation skuterud
Simulation Skuterud

The Soil model

  • water and heat transport in the vertical profile

  • daily meteorological data and soil physical parameters, initial values

  • numerous switches to set

SOILN_NO, Norwegian version of the Swedish SOILN model

- includes major nitrogen and carbon processes

- many inputs from SOIL

- nitrogen application including the dates of application,

type of crops, sowing and harvesting dates, crop yield

ploughing dates




Simulation for each farmer field

  • Simulations

    • No measures

    • With measures

      • Optimal fertiliser application

      • Catch crops

      • Irrigation

Nitrogen runoff no measures


Nitrogen runoffno measures

Comparison of measures


Comparison of measures


Opt. fert. appl.: 4.7 , Catchcrops: 20, Irrigation: 12

Nitrogen leaching maps


Nitrogen leaching maps

M rdre soilndb larsson et al 2001 slu
Mørdre - SOILNDBLarsson et al. (2001), SLU

  • A ”shell” in Visual Basic, coupling SOIL og SOILN(SLU)

  • To quantify N-loss from agricultural areas

Input og parameterisering
Input og parameterisering

  • Input preperation: through Excel into SOILNDB-database

    • climatological data

    • soilsdata

    • farming practices (fert., soil prep., etc)

  • Parameter setting:

    • through SOILNDB-database (possibility to change)

    • through changing program-code


  • soil physical parameters (pF, ksat, texture, org. matter)

  • two alternative sources:

    • from soil database in SOILNDB (10 USDA jordarter og 7 ”Nordic” soil types.

    • own data

Farming practices

crop type,

fertiliser, type and quantity

soil tillage, type, date

Simulation procedure m rdre
Simulation procedure Mørdre

  • Simulation

    • for individual farmer fields (input; farmer information)

    • for 2 ha units(input SSB)


  • both models; user friendly

  • SOIL/SOILN_NO/SOILNDB, one dimensional - catchment?

  • one dimensional model

    • size of catchment(limits?)

    • surface runoff?

  • validation of modelling results

    • against total catchment runoff; justified?

    • what about flow processes?

  • how to deal with variability in catchments

    • soil physical parameters,

    • sowing/harvesting, fertiliser application