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CE Notes Student User’s Guide. Version-2; Module 00-A Revised: 1/6/2003. Points to Cover. Why – What is the purpose? What – What does CE Notes do? How – What makes CE Notes work? Where – what is the URL? cenotes.tamu.edu. Purpose.

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CE Notes Student User’s Guide

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CE Notes Student User’s Guide

Version-2; Module 00-A

Revised: 1/6/2003

CEnotes / Maxwell

Points to Cover

  • Why – What is the purpose?

  • What – What does CE Notes do?

  • How – What makes CE Notes work?

  • Where – what is the URL?cenotes.tamu.edu

CEnotes / Maxwell


  • The main purpose is to enhance (add value to) the exchange of information between Instructor and Student without creating extra work for ourselves – i.e., HTML maintenance.

  • Make possible a number of enhancements (add more value): capturing e-mail addresses, distributing individual grades, etc. without creating extra work – i.e., make course administration more routine.

CEnotes / Maxwell

How it Works -- Basic Concept

  • Students may retrieve, print, view any file in the server’s folder/file structure from any browser. (This is the easiest way to administer files.)

  • Students may retrieve, print, view and files on the server by week. (85-95% of the 349 and 111 students asked for this feature.)

This is what adds the value to what we are already doing.

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Basic concept … …

  • Properly registered Students may retrieve their grades by email.

  • There are plans to develop collaboration modules this semester.

  • There are plans to develop interactive graded exercises this semester.

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Hands On Examples Follow

  • How to Access CE Notes

  • How to Log On

  • How to Browse Material

    • By Folder\File

    • By Week

  • How to Get Your Grade

CEnotes / Maxwell

Access the CE Notes Home Page; Then, click on desired course link.

Click on “Users Please Log In.”

Log On Using Proper Credentials

A Successful Log On.

“Clicked” New Users Please Register

Registration Hints

It is important that everyone understand that doing this correctly and thoughtfully is key to future success.

  • Remembering 5-digit SID, and UserID, and password is essential to accessing Grade reports, graded exercises, and the like.

  • A guest UserID and Password is “students” and “study” may be available at the Instructor’s option.

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What the Student Sees!

  • Public Folders and Files

  • Public Files Organized By Week

  • Access to Their Grades in Your Class

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  • Click-on the Student Menu and you can:

    • Browse Folders and Files

    • Browse Weeks, and

    • Have your Grades emailed to your email account.

Access to Public Folders and Files

Access Material by Week.

Grade Request Form

Other Functionality

  • Assignments may appear on the Announcements Link.

  • Assignments may appear on the Assignments Link.

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Answers to FAQ’s?

  • URL? – cenotes.tamu.edu

  • Netscape display looks “funny?” Use IE5.

  • Yes, you can see thru the TAMU Firewall.

  • Why can’t I get my grades.

    • You have to have registered with the correct SID for this to work.

    • Sometimes grade e-mails with the “tamu.edu” tag are treated as “spam” by YAHOO and HOTMAIL

    • Make sure your mailbox has enough space to receive messages.

    • Bad luck, life is not always fair.

CEnotes / Maxwell

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