welcome to the r c buckley elementary school computer lab
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Welcome to the R.C. Buckley Elementary School Computer Lab

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Welcome to the R.C. Buckley Elementary School Computer Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the R.C. Buckley Elementary School Computer Lab. Hello!. Please say hello to Mrs. Kobylarz. She’s here to help us. She knows how to fix just about anything that might be wrong with your computer. She is very popular!!. Also, say hello to Mrs. Raza.

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Please say hello to Mrs. Kobylarz. She’s here to help us.

fire drill
Remain quiet - no talking!

Walk single file.

Exit to the hall, turn right, go down the steps and out the door to the Technology Area.

Fire Drill
things to remember when you visit the computer lab
Be considerate of others

Clean Hands.

No gum chewing / no food / no drinks.

Be gentle, don’t pound on the keyboard.

Notebooks on the shelving.

Backpacks in the cupboard.

Take care of headphones and please return them to where you found them---

hang them on the hooks on the side of the monitor after using.

Keep your hands to yourself and your own computer. Do not touch any other keyboard except the one in front of you.

Things to remember when you visit the Computer Lab!!!!!
Don’t use personal CDs or floppy disks without permission.

Never use the Control Panel, system folder, change the screen saver or the desktop properties.

good posture
Sit up straight.

All 4 feet of the chair need to be on the floor.

Your feet on floor.

Face the computer screen.

Good Posture

Need help?

Place the help card in the tab at the top right corner of your computer monitor and wait for assistance….

If no one seems to see that you need help ……...

log on and log off everytime
User name and password:

A password will be created.

You must remember it.

Do not share it with anyone.

All files must be saved to your

folder on the Zebra server.

Remember to log-off before

leaving the lab! Leave it as you

found it or better.

Log-on and Log-off Everytime!

Student has logged off

Chair is pushed in

Nothing is left behind

Everything is in its place

You signed an Internet Use Agreement when

you signed your student handbook sheet.

But did you read it?

Always ask for permission before using.

Do not allow others to look on if they did

not ask for permission to do so.

Only visit appropriate sites. If you open a site

that is inappropriate, turn off your monitor

and report it immediately to an adult.

Do not show it to anyone else.

internet games
Internet Games

Where can I go on the Internet?

  • If your teacher brought you in for an Internet assignment,

you can go there.

  • If your teacher brought you in to play Internet games,

you can play those games ONLY!!

Misuse of computer will result in loss of computer privileges.