Introduction to agricultural pests
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Introduction to Agricultural Pests PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Agricultural Pests. Agri-science Mr. Bailey. What do you see? What do you think? What does it make you wonder?. What is a pest?. Construct a definition and example of what a pest might be in Agriculture Individual assignment . What is a pest ?.

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Introduction to Agricultural Pests

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Introduction to Agricultural Pests


Mr. Bailey

What do you see?What do you think?What does it make you wonder?

What is a pest?

  • Construct a definition and example of what a pest might be in Agriculture

  • Individual assignment

What is a pest?

  • A troublesome or annoying thing or an organism that is destructive to another organism

  • Examples

How do you control a pest?

  • Pest management -

  • Keeping pests at a manageable level instead of eliminating pests all together

What to keep in mind with pest!!!

  • The level of manageably depends on a person or from crop to crop.

  • Another thing is time.

  • Certain insects may be harmful at one stage of the cycle while later on it is not a threat.

Why is pest management important?

  • Healthy living and agricultural production depend greatly on pest management

How is pest management accomplished?

  • Pesticides

  • Biological control

  • (using one insect to manage another. Use wasps that feed off of flies to keep fly population maintained.)

How is pest management accomplished?

  • Traps

  • (used to determine pest population, pest identity, and to reduce the number of pests.)

Lets check out how pest management works!!!



What is pesticide?

  • Manufactured or natural chemical used for pest management

  • There are different varieties of pesticides

  • Insecticides just control insects

  • Herbicides control only plants

  • Fungicides control fungi

  • Nematocides controls nematodes

  • Rodenticides control rodents

What is Integrated Pest Management?

  • One component in an overall crop or animal production system

  • Contains accurate pest counts

  • Understanding of a pest’s life cycle

  • Understanding of the impact of pests

Exit Slip

  • Define what is meant by pest.

  • Name two pest management practices used in Agriculture.

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