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WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING. By: Jennifer Olson Trudi Shepard Shannon Sedam Sam Stanuszek. FIVE CLASSROOM RULES. RULE 1: Follow directions quickly!. RULE 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak . RULE 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. RULE 4: Make smart choices!.

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Whole brain teaching



Jennifer Olson

Trudi Shepard

Shannon Sedam

Sam Stanuszek

Watch this video
Watch this video!!


When I say "Class", you say "Yes!"

You need to use the same tone as I use.

So if I say "Classity, class!", you say, "Yessity, yes!"

Themes for class yes
Themes for “Class, Yes!”

  • For example, a pirate theme: If I say "Aye, aye matey!", you say "Ahoy, captain!“

  • Another example, if I whisper “Class, class, class” you would have to whisper “Yes, yes, yes!”

  • We will add more as the year goes on. You have to pay attention to me to know what to say in return!!

Teach okay

  • I will give you a little bit of information about what we are learning using gestures.

  • Then I will clap 3 times and say "Teach!"

  • You will clap 3 times and say, "Okay!"

  • Then you will repeat the information in the same tone of voice and use the same gestureswith your partner.


  • This goes with Teach-Okay

  • You will be split into two teams.

  • Team 1 teaches Team 2 the lesson with big gestures and excited voices.

  • Team 2 encourages with listening gestures.

  • Teacher yells “Switch” and Teams switch roles.


The scoreboard
The Scoreboard

  • When you do something great, I will make a smiley face on board. You will cheer when the class earns a smiley face.

  • When you do something negative, I will make a sad face on the board. You will groan when the class earns a sad face.

  • At the end of the day the points are tallied.

  • Gold star will be given for more smiles than frowns.

  • A silver star is earned for an equal number of smiles and frowns.

  • No star will be given if there are more frowns than smiles.

  • Teacher chooses rewards for earning stars.

Class project
Class project

  • Our class will work together to make their own glogster about what they have learned with Whole Brain Teaching Techniques.

  • http://trudi38.glogster.com/whole-brain-teaching/